Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Double the Trouble!

Sheryl Anderson’s Second Book Released

It’s been a while since we’ve found the time to send out an update regarding what’s new here at TZC, but I couldn’t ignore the excitement of a new novel from Sheryl J. Anderson, who now has two hilarious, sexy, and loaded with suspense books out featuring Molly Forrester. These are GREAT beach reads, so grab both and stick them in your bag as you head to the shore!

You’d think that cracking one homicide case was enough for anyone in a lifetime and so does Molly Forrester. After doing her duty and solving one murder, Molly Forrester thinks she’s done with murder and mayhem and heads out to the Hamptons to celebrate her friend Tricia’s brother’s engagement—or so she thinks. Instead, the bride-to-be is found dead and Molly is back in the game with friends, Tricia and Cassidy, following a trail of sex, lies and streaming video, to find the killer that’s on the loose in the Big Apple. And of course, there’s a cute detective that is making Molly’s life all the messier.

Anderson’s first novel featuring Molly Forrester can now be found in paperback! Molly Forrester, the advice columnist from Zeitgeist, is obsessed with shoes, but when she literally stumbles onto a crime—tripping over a colleague’s body and ruining her new pair of Jimmy Choos—she sees the potential to sink her teeth—or heels—into some real news for a change. She teams up with her best friends, Tricia and Cassidy, to solve the mystery of her dead colleague. But in order to help she must work with an adorable detective—it’s too bad that all things can’t be this difficult—to figure out what’s going on. But as Molly gets closer and closer to discovering the truth, she realizes that there are dangerous secrets within Zeitgeist’s ranks. Continuing the investigation would her own risk.

“KILLER HEELS, Sheryl Anderson’s hip debut mystery, sparkles like fine champagne, an intoxicating mix of wit, perception and insouciance and a wickedly clever but genuine depiction of single life in the City. KILLER HEELS will tap right to the top of the Best First lists.”
—Carolyn Hart, award-winning author of the Death on Demand mystery series

“The first installment in what looks to be a winning series is up beat, funny, and totally, refreshingly original. The investigation is fascinating.... The heroine is an original and her deep solid friendships...ring true and feel real. Sheryl Anderson provides a fabulous opening act.”
Midwest Book Review

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