Sunday, August 28, 2005

I was gonna nap, but instead I'm posting...

So, I’m testing out some new software now. I type this up in Microsoft Word and this little add-in is supposed to publish it directly from Word to the blog. This, I admit, may be dangerous. I need all of the opportunities I can get to filter, edit, revise. As most of my friends know, there’s very little left on the brake pads between the brain and the mouth. Things can fly out at far too quick a velocity. Especially after too many margaritas.

So the world is very small. Last week I was reading Esquire and saw a piece by
Jim Riswold, a somewhat well known advertising guru who is famous for Nike campaigns. The piece was called “How Hitler Saved My Life” and talks about his art show featuring photos of toy dictators that he put together. It also talks about his leukemia and the fact that he’s on a drug called Gleevec. Well, I think you all know (if you’ve been reading this blog), that I am raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and mentoring for Team in Training. And the night I read the article, I went to a dinner and saw a video on the guy who created Gleevec. That doctor turns out to be Jim Riswold’s doctor. And Gleevec was developed using funds from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! And where do a lot of those funds come from? Team in Training, of course. See, small world.

So now Jim and I are best buds. Really. We’ve exchanged at least two emails. I couldn’t resist stalk—tracking him down after I read the article. Plus it was a funny article and well written. He might have a book in him. He might want to donate some money to my fundraising effort. Who knows? I wrote him, he wrote back. We’re kibitzing (that, by the way, is the official Microsoft Word correct spelling, so don’t complain to me if you think it’s “kibbutzing”) via the internet.

The internet is a great thing. Really, it is. I don’t know how I would find out the movie times, the weather report, my stocks’ value, or women to date without it (yes, I met my gf online). It is also the world’s biggest time suck! Just think, I am writing this piece so I could post it on the internet. I could be riding. Well, actually, just did that. And to the runner who would not get out of the bike lane when I politely called out “on your right” five times, please turn down your music and, oh, @!%** you, too!

Other than that runner, though, it’s been a pretty relaxed weekend. Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I think I prefer the first version of the movie) and helped one of my TNT teammates figure out the gears on her new bike. Also talked Adam, a publishing buddy of mine from my days at Donald I. Fine, into signing up and went with him to buy a new bike. Whoo hoo! Go Adam!

From a publishing perspective, I did finally get that pile of mail opened and have a fresh stack of queries to read. That should make for an exciting Sunday night!

Additionally, new client
Ian Racey just delivered his revised manuscript, so I’m looking forward to that, as well, as Ken Pakman’s revised ms. All totaled up, the reading pile is getting to be a bit big. Fortunately, I have another trip to San Diego planned in a month and those flights are always good for thirty partials or so.

Some advice to those who are getting ready to send something to me: Just query me. Don’t send me sample chapters I didn’t request. And please don’t send me anything that reeks of cigarette smoke! Geez! I may have to air out the place after the package I just opened. I’m afraid this guy might die of lung cancer before I can get back to him. Oh, wait, I can’t get back to him, since he didn’t bother to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. You see, this is why I went to all that trouble to create
submission guidelines! Now, admittedly, the bit about not sending in anything that smells smoky (well, lox would be okay, but please send bagels and cream cheese, too) isn’t on there, but isn’t that obvious? Okay, maybe I should give the guy a break. Maybe he was out camping when he sent me his stuff.

In other news, signed contracts for the Italian edition of
Ed Greenwood’s first two novels in the Band of Four series—The Kingless Land and The Vacant Thronejust arrived. If you are a fan of Ed’s Forgotten Realms novels, or Tolkien’s fantasies, this is a great series for you to check out.

Finally, the updating of the website continues. I’m giving it a new look, but you might find that not all of the links are working just right just yet. So, please be patient. I’m working as fast as I can!


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