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I'm pleased to welcome you to the new blog for The Zack Company, Inc. My goal is to post news here regarding clients and their projects and possibly to also answer questions that may be posted by readers (that said, please don't even think of send me queries using this forum). I may also share tidbits that will enlighten the reader as to how an agent spends his or her day.

For example, setting up this blog has been something of a pain in the rear! I had hoped to publish it to my site's server, but it wouldn't work and I didn't have the energy to get on hold with my host and figure out where the settings where wrong, so here we are, using the site. You can always go back to my site using your "back" button.

Word reached me today that St. Martin's Press is apparently out of stock on Sheryl Anderson's
KILLER COCKTAIL, so if you haven't got one, you might want to get to the local bookstore before they are sold out. Our expectation is that SMP will go back to press, of course, but you never know how long that will take.

Also, latest article is now out in the September 2005 issue of The Writer magazine, so rush to your local newsstand and grab a copy. It's all about planning your publicity push for your book. Another article, about contracts, will be coming soon.

My good friend, Lance Koonce, who attended the Radcliffe Publishing Course with me in the summer of 1988 is now an attorney specializing in publishing law. He's editing a blog himself at This blog specializes in privacy and security law and, among other things included an interesting link to a piece about a guy in Britain being fined for "hot-spotting" on someone else's unprotected wi-fi link. If you have a home network with a wireless LAN, be sure you are encrypting that link for your own security.

I am still hosting the Ask the Agent topic on
Absolute Writers and you may want to pop over there for some good info. My only caveat, though, is that I can only promise that my info is good. ;)

On a personal note, I'm continuing to train with the Leukemia and Lymphoma's
Team in Training program and there's still time to sign up if you are interested in doing a marathon, half-marathon, or century bike ride this winter (the century is in November; the half- and marathon are in December). It's a great way to keep that winter flab from piling on, so pop into an info meeting this week and sign up!



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