Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Whoo hoo! I'm over the top!

Well, today is a pretty great day. Thanks to the incredible generosity of my client, Brent Ferguson, as well as the generosity of those who have taken me up on my offer to read an unsolicited sample chapter in exchange for a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I have just gone “over the top” on my fundraising for Ed Tour de Tucson, and have raised $3,300.00. My minimum goal for this ride was $3,150, though I’d hoped to beat that and told my friends that if I hit $5,000, I’d shave my head. So, if that’s something you’d like to see a picture of, please visit my website at and make a donation today!

On the publishing side, I’m pleased to report that it looks official. If our numbers are right, Bill Kroen has broken the 1.5 million mark on sales of his GOLF TIP-A-DAY Calendar. This calendar has been annual staple of the golf marketplace for more than a decade and just keeps going strong. Believe it or not, 2006 is just around the corner. Not to mention Christmas and Hanukkah, and this calendar is the perfect gift for the golfers in your life. You can buy it now by clicking here.

Also exciting is that requests have started to trickle in from the Frankfurt Book Fair and interest in TZC’s list is running strong, with numerous requests for various thrillers, science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as nonfiction books like Patrick O’Donnell’s
WWII titles and Mark Patinkin’s UP AND RUNNING.

In reprint news, paperback rights to Patrick O’Donnell’s OPERATIVES, SPIES & SABOTEURS have been sold to Citadel Press by Free Press. Pat’s other books,
BEYOND VALOR and INTO THE RISING SUN, are available in paperback from Free Press. Pat has also just signed a new contract with Da Capo Press for GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, a powerful nonfiction work based on his experience with the US Marines in Fallujah, Iraq. Pat nearly died numerous times while accompanying the marines on missions. On of those missions was featured on the History Channel’s show, “Shootout: D-Day: Fallujah.” Da Capo plans to publish in fall 2006.

Speaking of Iraq, I’m pleased to announce that I am now representing retired Master Sergeant Jack Lynch II, who will be writing with his brother, Rick Lynch, about his incredible exploits with the “Majestic Twelve,” a hand-picked group of men—and one woman!—who saw more action and killed more insurgents than any unit of their size or type in the entire war. Just the sample chapter of this proposal, describing in detailed terms what it’s like to walk through the aftermath of a car bombing, left me in awe of this man and his unit. This book is sure to be a big hit and a little controversial. I plan to get this out to publishers in the next couple of weeks, so if you’re an editor reading this, call me immediately if you’d like to see it.

Okay, I’m off to ride thirty miles in Central Park this blustery evening. Thanks again to Brent and everyone else who has been supporting my efforts with TNT!


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