Monday, November 07, 2005

The beauty of River Road

As the countdown to ride day approaches, I wanted to share a link with you:

The pictures in this album were taken by my teammate Kathleen yesterday during our ride on River Road. For those of you who don’t know, when you get over the George Washington Bridge, you can go left and follow the road around to the entrance to a park on the other side. Yesterday, there was some huge movie being filmed down by the Hudson River. A series of rolling hills leads you to a short but steep climb out of the park. This entire ride is known as River Road and is routinely cringed at when people talk about riding it. But looking the pictures, you can’t really cringe. Here we were, only a river’s width away from the West Side Highway and a half-mile or so from the George Washington Bridge, and it feels as isolated as any country road (the fog helps!). (Okay, there’s a couple of Brooklyn Bridge shots in there, but that’s because Kathleen lives in Brooklyn.) We did River Road at the start of a 70-ish-mile long ride that turned out to be the best ride of the season, I think.

This was our last long ride before November 19th. Our bikes go on the trucks on Friday.

This team has just been phenomenal and as a team mentor, I couldn’t be prouder of the way they’ve pulled together to help each other on rides and also socially. When the team found out that one of the coaches wasn’t budgeted to travel with us, they immediately started thinking of ways to get the money to send him. He’s doing a marathon that weekend, instead, but will be riding with us in spirit for sure.

The other way this team has pulled together is with fundraising. Whether it was by going to a happy hour where the tips or profits went to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, or sharing funds raised after your minimum was met, this team has really become tight. You can see even in the photos that a lot of lasting friendships have been formed.

This other slideshow is from a couple of weeks ago:

This was a similar ride and while the scenery isn’t as pretty, you can actually see what folks look like. These were taken at the Runcible Spoon, a coffee shop in Nyack. This place is a phenomenon. On a typical nice weekend, I bet they see well over a thousand cyclists. They have bike racks on both sides of the street in front and on a good weekend, I bet there’s well over $100K in bikes parked there. Crazy, huh? 51 miles round trip from my apt. It’s longer a longer trip than to the Starbucks on my corner, but the hot chocolate and blueberry muffins are worth it, and there’s no guilt in all those carbs when you are climbing the hills on 9W to get home!

My thanks again to everyone who has supported me in my efforts with TNT.


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