Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Extending the TNT Donation/Sample Chapter Offer

I have some news I hope will be good news for some authors. I’ve decided to extend my offer to read an unsolicited sample chapter (up to twenty-five pages), along with a five-page (double-spaced) synopsis. Please be sure to visit my website for formatting guidelines and please be sure to include a #10 (preferably self-sealing) envelope for a response. Please don’t include a larger envelope, as I will be unable to return any materials that I’m not interested in representing. I will send along my response in the #10 envelope.

But wait! There’s a catch.

As you might recall, I don’t normally accept unsolicited sample chapters. Normally authors query me, then I only request sample chapters on those queries that seemed promising. If you would like to send me an unsolicited sample chapter, you must include the receipt (no checks; do this online, please) from a $75 donation to one of my Team in Training teammates who has not yet hit his or her fundraising goal.

The following teammates could use your assistance:

Now, I don’t care to whom you give, but I do want all of my teammates to hit their number. The goal for each is $4,200 minimum. If they have exceeded that number, please move onto the next person. Or visit all of the pages and give to the person whose story connects the most with you. In the end, all of the funds go to a great cause, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and seventy-five cents of every dollar goes to finding a cure, patient services, and education. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

The deadline for this extended offer is January 10th, which will allow you to make a donation in the 2006 tax year, if you prefer. If you find that they have ALL hit their $4,200 minimums (a very happy day), please feel free to visit my page at, to make a donation. No more checks in the mail, please. This needs to be done online using a credit card. Just send along a copy of the receipt.

Thanks for everyone’s support. It’s going to be a great ride!



Anonymous said...

How clever, another spin on the old reading fee gimmick. I hope this doesn’t become catchy because, believe it or not, many writers are not in the best financial position to make charitable donations to every agent who decides to promote ‘special incentives’.

Besides, how do we know you’ll bother reading the material?

I was going to send a query, but I’ll pass.


Andrew Zack said...


That's simply a ridiculous commment. Were you a regular reader of this blog, you'd be aware of the earlier offer and the fact that everyone who takes me up on it gets a written response to their material. Further, since none of the money goes to me, it's hardly a "reading fee." It's a charitable fundraiser, period.

Nelson DeMille once had an auction where he agreed to name a character after the winner. The proceeds went to charity. I wonder what you think his angle was.

ANYONE can query me, and if their query interests me, then I will ask for more. But if you want to skip that step, here's a route to go.

I think your comment here is an insult to me and everyone who is working incredibly hard to find a cure for blood-related cancers.

Andrew Zack

Anonymous said...


No, I was not a regular member of your blog expose. Sorry, I read the blurb and responded on a partial instinct and innate distrust of fees associated with reading a writers work.

I already have a blood related cancer. Sorry, but no cure for me.

Please accept my apologizes and I hope you are successful in raising money and other's awareness of the situation.


Andrew Zack said...


My deepest sympathies. If you are not already in touch with your local chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Center, please visit for more information and find the local chapter contact info. They have many patient resources that may help you.

Best wishes,
Andy Zack

Anonymous said...


I am touched, after what I posted. I've lived with a benign form of Leukemia for almost twenty-five years. My first hospital visit was at Balboa Naval for just over three weeks and I lost part of my skull. I spent another two weeks in the veteran’s hospital in 2003, and I am still in remission.

Hey, I may just contribute to the fund -- but I won't send my work because I'm too ashamed.

Best of luck,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say good luck with your race! I work for Bicycling Magazine and it's wonderful to see so many people riding for such a great cause! I hope many people take advantage of your offer.

Andrew Zack said...

I love BICYCLING magazine. Are you hiring? ;) I bet it's a fun place to work for sure.


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