Monday, December 19, 2005

Am I Scrooge?

Am I Scrooge? My fiancé is starting to get a bit worried, reading my posts of the past few days. Well, here’s some news to warm your heart: Tonight, The 700 Club, will be running a story on Andrew Bateson, the young boy featured in Mark Patinkin’s book, UP AND RUNNING. The link to read about the segment is here: If you aren’t sure where you can watch The 700 Club, the link to find your local station is here: Now, yes, I do know this is all tied into CBN and Pat Robertson and, no, I’m not a fan of the guy, so please don’t go off on me for promoting him here. But I am a fan of Mark Patinkin and Andrew Bateson and do believe that this should be a segment worth watching. I hope you will, and I hope you’ll buy the book, too. Hey, it would make a great Xmas gift!


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SRHowen said...

Hmm, not Scrooge, but MIA on the blog?

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