Thursday, December 01, 2005

The November Scorecard

Well, it’s the start of December, so you know what that’s time for the November scorecard.

During the month of November, I received 107 query letters and declined fifty-nine.  I received twenty-five requested sample chapters and declined twenty-six.  I requested six more.  I also received one requested proposal and asked to see three more.  I received one manuscript that I’d requested.

During the month of November, I offered representation to one author.

Currently, I have fourteen outstanding requests for sample chapters, proposals, or full manuscripts.  Please note that if I don’t hear from you within ninety days of requesting more material, I discard your original query.  Since I respond to everything, one way or another, provided an SASE was included, if you are sure you included an SASE and have not heard from me, and you queried me prior to November 15th, you should probably query me again in February 2006 (no new queries in December, please).  Either your query or my response was probably lost in the mail.

I currently have approximately 121 sample chapters, proposals, and full manuscripts to review.  Of that 121, about a dozen or so are full manuscripts that I’ve requested or are by current clients.  Additionally, I have no less than five projects by current clients pending final review prior to being submitted.  Needless to say, my plate is quite full, and hence the reason I’ve closed for new queries during the month of December.  Looking at this, I realize that I may have to extend that closing to January, so please do check back here for more information prior to querying me.

Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

I wish other agents with blogs would get serious sometimes, like yourself, and let writers know more about the inner-workings of an agency.

Thanks for giving me an insight into what I can expect from an agents schedule.

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