Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Recipe for Dating Success

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly (perhaps I should just write “IYBRTBR,” since I use this phrase often here), then you know that I got engaged a few months back and have been busy planning a wedding. I have to confess that being out of the dating pool is pretty much a huge relief. No more three rounds of margaritas with some woman I knew in the first ten minutes I’d never see again. No more staring at the computer screen reading profiles. You get the drift.

Meanwhile, quite a few of my friends seem to be partnering-up to, which is great. I guess it was just a matter of time. However, if you are a single woman reading this, or know a single woman, here’s a book you absolutely need to get as soon as possible, SMART MAN HUNTING, by Liz Kelly.

This book is a genuine publishing success story. Liz originally self-published this book and then had the fortune to get picked up by a special program at B&N. She actually sold more copies of her self-published edition than many books from major publishers manage to move. And that’s all on her. She’s been a tireless promoter of her book and her dating coaching business (see Her current publisher, Citadel Press, clearly saw a good thing in Liz—primarily that she would promote and sell the hell out of her own book for them—and picked up the rights to do a new, updated edition.

Well, now the new edition is out, just in time for Spring Fever and for all you single women to get out there and start dating and mating. But don’t go out uninformed or unarmed.
Buy SMART MAN HUNTING: The Fast-Track Dating Guide for Finding Mr. Right. You'll find pages filled with hot new dating tips and marketing twists, including insight-filled bachelor and bachelorette surveys, a compatibility quiz, and dating coaching success stories.

You’ll also find the dating codes that let you quickly recognize a man for what he really is. Here are a few examples:

● All Sports Fanatic (ASF)
● Hello Goodbye Guy (HGG)
● Guy with Offspring (GWO)
● Love Match (LM)

By learning the codes and recognizing the traits of the men they describe, you can quickly learn how to spend your time dating the men you want to date.

They say a good shopper always goes to the grocery store with a recipe in mind. Well, the same goes for a woman on the dating scene. And SMART MAN HUNTING can help you find the right ingredients for your dating recipe!


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