Monday, March 06, 2006

What a day!

Whoo hoo! What a day. Check this out folks: Sales Rank: #147 in Books (See Top Sellers in Books)
Yesterday: #405,354 in Books

Yep, that’s right. Mark Patinkin’s rank on Amazon rose 405,207 places in a day. Now THAT’S impressive. Hopefully you had the chance to catch Mark and Andrew Bateson, the subject of UP AND RUNNING, on THE TODAY SHOW this morning. It was a great piece and a great appearance. Essentially, it was the kind of publicity that most writers would happily perform a contract hit to get.

Speaking with Mark this afternoon, he informed me that Andrew received a round of applause from the studio crew when the segment was over, something that apparently doesn’t happen a lot around THE TODAY SHOW set.

To say that I’m proud of this book would be an understatement. I think one reason this book speaks to me is that I have a little cousin who was born with some real foot-and-leg challenges. She underwent surgeries as a baby and wore braces for the first four years or so her life. I have watched her grow into the world’s most precocious child, who seems to have no fear of what comes before her. I think Andrew’s story inspired me to look at her and hope that she’s as successful as Andrew has been in triumphing over the physical challenges he’s faced.

If you haven’t bought your copy of UP AND RUNNING yet, and would like to do your part to help push it up the best-seller list, please click


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ADM said...

I think one of the major issues to really get to the bottom of is what -- pray tell -- causes the wild fluctuations in the sales rankings, such that an author (and I'm exaggerating, 'natch) can go from #12 to #3457 in a matter of, say, a couple of days? Is this another one of the spooky algorithms we're not allowed to know about? Akin to what Google does with its own search algorithm? It works, but no one will ever discover the secret?

Thanks again, Zack -- I've read over most of the posts I see here -- sorry it took me a couple of days. -- ADM

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