Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ah, Sweet Vindication!

Ah, sweet vindication!

Every agent and editor has a story like this, though sometimes I think I have more than my fair share! The story goes like this: A proposal comes my way and I decide to represent it. I show it to editor after editor, only to get reject after reject, mostly because there have been prior books on the subject or they thought the book was too small or they didn’t like the writing. But then one editor comes along with a small offer and the author slaves on the rewrites, does battle to put back in some of what is cut, and fights for the publisher to promote. Well, we’ll see how the promotion goes, but we certainly are getting some very positive feedback on the book, ANNE MORROW LINDBERGH: First Lady of the Air, by Kathleen Winters, which will be published this month by Palgrave Macmillan.

Check out these fabulous reviews:

In a starred review, Kirkus Reviews called the book, “A perfectly calibrated tribute to an early heroine of the air.”

Publishers Weekly said, “Drawing on an admirable array of research, aviation historian Winters documents how Charles trained his young wife to serve as copilot, navigator and radio operator on their long pioneering flights. Anne’s important role in early aviation has not been treated as extensively elsewhere.”

And Booklist said, “That the author is able to bring something new to the Lindbergh story is impressive, and she does it through both technical explanations of Lindbergh’s accomplishments and Anne’s own words about her flying exploits, marriage, and writing. In Winters’ beautifully written biography, Anne Morrow Lindbergh emerges as a more complete and relatable character then ever before, and an aviator long overdue for respect.”

You can pre-order this book right now by clicking
here. Do it today and help send a message to all those nay-saying editors who took a pass. It might help make them think twice when your book hits their desks!


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