Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This One Says It All

Just in case you were still debating whether or not to read Patrick O’Donnell’s WE WERE ONE: SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH THE MARINES WHO TOOK FALLUJAH, then pop on over to the LEATHERNECK magazine website and read the review there.

Here are a few snippets:

“a well-written book”

“the best snapshot written to date that details the ferocity of the house-to-house fighting that took place”

“vivid descriptions”

“his descriptions of the Marines clearing houses, fighting the heavily doped-up insurgents, as well as the physical, mental and emotional toll it takes on the Marines are among the most descriptive and heart-breaking accounts to come back from the Iraqi front”

“O’Donnell succeeds in personalizing each of the Marines. The reader gets to know each one—how he thinks, who is his buddy, what is his role in the daily fighting. His description of each individual lets us mourn the loss of each Marine, as his prose is sufficiently vivid to let the reader walk the streets with 1st Plt.

“For those who think that an embedded reporter has his own agenda, this book may well change their minds. For those who want to begin to understand the deadly nature of fighting in an urban environment, the determination of the enemy, as well as the inherent problems in 4th Generation Warfare—as well to begin to understand the determination and dedication to their fellow Marines of those young men who are doing the fighting—then this is the book for you.”

I think that about says it all.


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