Thursday, June 28, 2007

Interns Wanted!

I'm looking for a few good interns. Okay, okay, get the White House jokes out of your head. This is serious business. I currently have two summer interns and would be open to a third. Preferably this third would be experienced with (as in knows how to build stuff from scratch) Microsoft Access and/or Microsoft FrontPage.

I have also posted locally for fall interns. Again, I could use at least two, preferably three. One would be a business/finance/accounting major who would be assisting with the review and management of author royalty statements and provide general office support. The next would be editorially inclined and would read and report on manuscripts, as well as assist with project development and general office support. The third would an Access or FrontPage guru.

The TZC website has a dedicated page for students wishing to apply. It can be reached by clicking here.



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Dave Kuzminski said...

What kind of database do you need designed and built? Yes, I know how and I'm very good at it.

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