Thursday, June 28, 2007


Just got this comment, but thought it worth posting on specifically:

I was wondering if you are still closed to new queries? Your last post on your web site was December 2006. I have ... that I would like to pitch to

Best regards,
Anthony S. Policastro
Raleigh, NC

In fact, we are still closed to new submissions, so I've gone and updated the home page at my site to reflect that. But soon, very soon, we will be reopening to submissions, but with very specific goals in mind.

Recently, I returned to my old stomping grounds in New York for Book Expo America. I had, I think, forty-seven meetings Tuesday through Saturday. On Friday and Saturday, I had a meeting about every half hour at BEA. Exhausting, but very informative, as I got to take the temperature of many different editors at different houses. With this in mind, over the next few weeks, we are going to completely rewrite our "What We Want" page to reflect what I learned. Some of the things you see on the current page will be going away. Some things you've never thought of my firm handling will be showing up. Just as the market changes and publishers adjust what they publish, this firm has to adjust and look for the books publishers say they want. So check back here for a series of blogs talking in more depth on these subjects.


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aspnovelist said...

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the update. With the instantaneous nature of the Internet, a six-month old announcement on a web site is considered ancient history - that's why I asked.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new information on your site regarding what publishers and what your agency will be looking for in prospective manuscripts.

But let me guess. I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm going to take a shot at it based on my experience in the publishing business. Now remember this is only my theory:

The publishing business is dominated by thirty something women who are mainly interested in romance, finding the right guy, what it takes to be perfect.

The majority of book buyers are forty and fifty something women who desperately want romance in their lives because their husbands are most likely fat and maybe bald, boring and could care less about romance. Their husbands have definitely traveled to Mars while they are still stuck here on earth. They all have this common thread that they sew together in popular books that deal with matters of the heart. So, if you can write to that market and touch a chord in people's heart, you may have a best seller.

The big thing in publishing is women's lit, chick lit, hen lit...well, what about men's lit? Where's that genre? Books that get into the heart and soul of men and their 21st century problems with woman, with jobs, with careers, with children. Maybe, those areas are too boring to get into, besides real men don't read novels - that's a woman's thing and maybe that notion should change, too.

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