Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Most Successful Scientist in History

I just recently got my finished books of Dr. Paul Offit’s VACCINATED: ONE MAN’S QUEST TO DEFEAT THE WORLD’S DEADLIEST DISEASES, a book Smithsonian Books editor TJ Kelleher called “their biggest book of the season.”

KIRKUS REVIEWS called it a “comprehensive biography” and said the book, “Makes a strong case that people get more excited by miraculous cures than by vaccines that save unseen multitudes by preventing disease in the first place.”

The book, in case you haven’t read my blog in a while, is largely the story of Maurice Hilleman, a man who can be credited with saving about 8 million lives a year. Unfortunately, he died not that long ago. But millions of children still receive the vaccines he created during his tenure as a scientist for Merck. The story of how he created these vaccines is as fascinating as an episode of CSI, I think, or at least it is if your favorite parts of the show are the ones in the lab where they figure it all out.

WASHINGTON CITY PAPER hailed the book as “wonderful” and said, “Offit is that rare writer who can translate science into English. … Though it’s not the work of a journalist, Offit’s entertaining and authoritative account displays a mastery of his subject that few journalists could match.”

Paul has an editorial in today’s PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER that you can read right now at its
site. And the book, of course, can be bought by clicking the Amazon box below.


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