Monday, September 10, 2007


Effective Monday, September 9, 2007, The Zack Company, Inc. is once again open to new query letters. If you have been a regular reader of this blog and you have a project in one of the areas of representation I have been describing in my recent entries or as posted on our What We Want page on the TZC website, please visit the How to Query Us page on the site and fire away.

Please do not send us material not included in the What We Want page. That said, we will be continuing to expand the list of what we want, both here and on the site, so be sure to keep reading. We may start asking for what you have before you know it.

Thank you.



Anthony S. Policastro said...

Hi Andrew,
I just saw your website on what you are looking for and I think you are the first agency to specifically spell out in detail the kinds of manuscripts you will represent. Very nice. I think it will be helpful to writers who may not be sure if a particular agency is suited for their work.

Anonymous said...

I was trained by Doc, in the USMC.
ask Maj. Norton, "SIR!" if he needs my skills... etc.
I sure need his :):)
United States Marines OOH-RAH!!

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