Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Back to Normal

Things here are finally getting back to normal, though I have a pile of mail a foot tall that I still need to go through. The fires appear to be more under control, though many areas remain under mandatory evacuation and clearly some places are not getting their regular deliveries. The supermarket has no eggs, since these came from someplace in Ramona, which was hit very, very hard and is still evacuated. The aisle with the bottled water was wiped clean, but has been somewhat restocked.

Unlike a storm back east, this whole nightmare didn't cause a run on the grocery store with a "we're going to be stuck in the house for a week until we get plowed out" reaction. Because no one knew if the house would still be there after, of course. But bottled water, etc., you need to have, right? I kept flashing on the movie about the asteroid coming to destroy the earth. Not the Bruce Willis one. The other one. Everyone was stocking up on Ensure. I'm thinking maybe I should get me some of that. And some jerky. Jerky is good when you're running from the wildfires. You can eat it with one hand. It lasts forever. Good protein. In a crunch, you can probably use it to splint a broken finger.

Tens of thousands of acres of avocado farms burned. Stock up on the guac now, because prices are about to go through the roof. I'm also wishing these guys were a public company——as I think they are about to get a ton of new business.


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Christine said...

That's really good to hear. Glad you're ok.

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