Friday, October 05, 2007

In Search of... Aliens & Spaceships, Hobbits & Hogwarts-ish

When I first got into publishing, I thought I wanted to be a science fiction editor. I had grown up reading SF&F and was a particular fan of Robert Heinlein's, Fred Pohl's, and James P. Hogan's works. I was less a fantasy fan, but enjoyed the few that got my attention. When I was an Editorial Assistant at Warner Books, I got the chance to work on some SF&F and it was great. But I swiftly recognized that in the world of corporate publishing, SF&F was a bit of the awkward step-child. Techno-thrillers and business books sold more copies and corporate publishing was about selling copies. I didn't lose my love of SF&F, but recognized that, from a career perspective, I should broaden my interests.

Now, over the years, I've repped my fair share of SF&F, but not nearly as many as I'd like. I love these genres and would very much like to find many great books that fit into them. SF&F, I admit, is terrifically competitive. I have shopped some books for years before find them homes. And some have never found a home, unfortunately. But if you are a terrific writer, I have confidence we can find you a home. Thus, I am looking for....
  • Military Science Fiction
  • Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
  • Hard Science Fiction by people who understand the science and make it feel real
  • Romantic science fiction, or "Speculative Romance" that actually goes in the Romance section
  • Traditional, First-Person Science Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Humorous Fantasy in the Terry Pratchett vein
  • Contemporary Women's Fantasy that would more likely be put in the Romance section
  • Epic, Tolkien Fantasy
Obviously the writing has to be really great. If writing science fiction, you really need to know your science. If writing fantasy, you need to be original. I may say I want epic, Tolkien fantasy, but if your book is just a clone of something already out there, it won't fly.

As always, compelling characters are vastly important. If you can't make your reader invest emotionally in your characters, your book will not sell. If you can, let me hear from you.


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Michael S said...

Question - how do you classify a story that is based in 2043 that links tow ancient ci vilizations (Inca and Egyptian) into a future world (not the Stargate type of stuff) into a Thriller Suspense?

Does that meet your requirements?

Secondly, I am trying to discover if you accept email queries (I live in a foreign country) but travel to the USA four for five times a year

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