Friday, October 05, 2007

I've been watching a lot of TV lately....

I've been watching a lot of TV lately. In fact, as much as possible. Each new TV season, I try to watch at least every new show once. And I'm sorry to say I'm not much impressed. I don't know that even one show that's new this season has wowed me. Pushing Daises has potential and the production qualities are terrific. It reminds me a lot of the Lemony Snickett movie in those terms. Very unique and rich look to it. Shark, which I enjoyed last season, doesn't seem as compelling. I expect that will drop off the DVR list soon. As much as I want to like Flash Gordon, it just hasn't grabbed me that much. Chuck has some potential, if they can keep it interesting. I'm not sure why Sarah Lancaster, whom I loved in Everwood, took such a lame role in a new show. My wife isn't that impressed with Private Practice and we figure it's gone sooner than later. It just doesn't have the chemistry or addictive junk-food feel of Grey's Anatomy. Not that Grey's is off to a roaring start. Can we buy TR Knight falling for Izzie when we know they are best friends in real life and he's gay? The wife and I are struggling with that suspension of disbelief. I had the same trouble buying Anne Heche in romantic roles with guys when I knew she was living with Ellen. Not that there's anything wrong with their lifestyle choices. It just makes it harder to buy into their characters. I still have trouble looking at Tom Cruise in nearly any movie, because if he smiles, all I see is Maverick from Top Gun. I guess what I'm saying is that your real life can typecast you as much as the movies.

I have dipped into K-Ville and it was okay, but the competition in the time slot will kill it. I am looking forward to checking out Life, which I was not recording because I didn't realize what it was. Now that I do, I've got it on the list and will check it out. Journeyman is nothing more than Quantum Leap without the white body suit and holograms. Not that I didn't enjoy the one episode I watched, but I find it interesting that the guy's ex is dead but he goes back in time and sees her and she doesn't realize that he's a different guy than her boyfriend, or notice that's considerably older! I mean, don't you notice when your spouse looks tired, never mind five or ten years older? Oy. I will say, though, that the lead was great in HBO's Rome, and I think he's a good actor, so perhaps he'll help this show succeed.

The original CSI is still the best and I've actually stopped recording CSI: New York. I think Sinise is great, the actress playing Montana is cute as hell, but the show as a whole has never intrigued me as much as the orignal or the Miami version.

Bones continues to be on the DVR list and I think will stay. I like the awkward chemistry there. The love interest between Hodgins and Angela doesn't quite work for me, though. They have no chemistry, actually. Boreanaz was entertaining as hell to watch on Angel and remains entertaining. I'm not sure why he never managed to grow his film career. His personality reminds me of a younger Bruce Willis in many ways, though with hair.

Stargate: Atlantis is still on the list, also, and I am looking forward to seeing the shift to Amanda Tapping as commander. If the show hadn't been part of the same universe as SG-1, I might not have stuck with it, but now that Amanda's on there, how can I not?

Now, why do I think you care about any of this? Well, I think knowing what TV shows and movies an agent or editors likes helps define what kinds of books they like. So I thought this might be useful to any prospective clients out there trying to read my mind. ;)


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Josephine Damian said...

So far, the only new show I'm watching is "Cane"- some old themes and plots from Godfather, Sopranos, and King Lear, but with a fresh, new Cuban flavor and interesting backdrop of the sugar cane industry.

I'm with you on watching TR and Anne, I don't buy it either, especially that TR's character wouldn't even have a chance with Calle and Izzy in the first place. I stopped watching "Gray's" last year.

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