Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Monthly Tallies for September, October & November

The pace of queries and submissions is slowing picking up after we reopened to new queries. Here's a monthly round-up for the last few months:

In September, we received 10 queries and rejected 4. We also received 3 requested sample chapters and rejected none. We also rejected one previously requested manuscript.

In October, we received 49 queries and rejected 39. We got in 5 requested sample chapters or proposals and rejected 4. We also requested 14 more. We requested one manuscript and received one (not necessarily the same one).

In November, we received 42 queries and rejected 14. We received 11 requested sample chapters and rejected 8. We also rejected one requested manuscript.

At this point in time, I literally only have one full manuscript in the reading pile and that's a manuscript that's been here for some time. I have to pause and express my gratitude to my fall intern, Celia Spalding, who did a ton of reading and reported on many of the manuscripts we either already had on hand or received in the last few months. I am completely caught up on sample chapters and there are none waiting to be read. Thus, now would be a good time to query me.

With regard to requested sample chapters, proposals, and manuscripts that have not yet been received, I'm waiting on 16 sample chapters, 5 proposals, and 4 full manuscripts. If you have a request from us and have not yet sent in your material, please do so soon, as this is a rare window of opportunity: We are all but completely caught up!

I am currently reviewing applications for the spring internships. If you know of a college student in the San Diego area who might be interested, please have them visit the internships page of our website.



Josephine Damian said...

Wow, you rejected a lot less than what I thought was typical for an agency.

My guess was 98% rejection rate for queries.

Andrew Zack said...

Once upon a time, someone over at did the math and figured out that I eventually reject 99.75% of what comes in. That may mean it got all the way to a manuscript being requested and read and then rejected, or just rejected based on the query.

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