Monday, December 31, 2007

December 2007's Month-End Round-up

Well, it's the end of the month and we all know that that means, so here is the month-end round-up of submissions:

In December 2007, we received:

  • 26 Queries and rejected 32
  • 11 Sample Chapters and rejected 6

We requested:

  • 14 Sample Chapters
  • 1 Proposal

We currently have on hand:

  • 12 Sample Chapters
  • 2 Proposals
  • 1 Full manuscript

I have requested, but have yet to receive:

  • 12 Sample Chapters
  • 5 Proposals
  • 5 Full Manuscripts

I have also just received the first draft full manuscript of Paul Offit's latest book and am expecting the full manuscript by Jack Lynch (writing with his brother Rick) of his memoir of fighting in Iraq.

Why do I post all this? So that you, the potential client, has a sense of what my current reading load is. And please keep in mind that this is the reading load after only reopening to queries about four months ago. If you have received a request for more material from us, I encourage you to not dawdle, as things will only get busier going into the New Year.

And, on that note, I wish a Happy New Year and hope that all of your publishing goals are achieved in 2008.



Ansel Strong said...

Andrew: on your web site page "Areas of Representation, the link at the bottom to "Submission Guidelines" is defective. Nice site, nice blog. Keep up the good work.

Andrew Zack said...

Fixed. Thanks.

xakara said...

Do you have a preferred method in checking up on sample chapters that were sent in, as you're still missing several?

Andrew Zack said...

First, let me say I did get your revised chapter, thanks. It's in the "to read" pile.

The only way to check on your sample chapter is to look on this blog. I offer a monthly update on what's happening. Sometime I'll say I've read all sample chapters as of some date and if you know you sent in yours before that date and you haven't heard back, then likely something was lost in the mail.

But mostly you can see how much we are reading each month and gauge it that way.


xakara said...

Thank you for confirming the arrival. Something went wrong at the post office and the tracking option was never scanned. So of course when I checked in here and saw you were missing things, I wondered if my revision was among them and that was why it was never scanned.

I'll keep checking in here, and thanks again for clearing that up. One less thing to worry about is always good.

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