Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the War of Words Goes On

After posting yesterday regarding my run-in with J. Paul Dyson, who runs, I continued to receive emails from him, even after I asked him to cease and desist from writing me.

In one of his emails, Mr. Dyson claimed that I had committed copyright violation by publishing our email exchange on this website. However, he did not ask me to remove it, so I have not removed it. Further, Mr. Dyson has threatened to publish negative comments in his newsletter, stating that I put copyrighted material on my site, i.e., his letters. Oy. Can you believe this guy? All I asked was that he remove me from his website where he charges people for the same information I provide for free. Plus my information is up-to-date and current.

Some notes on what he had:

  • His site said I was closed to new queries, but I have not been for months.
  • His site listed a mailing address I have not used for a year.
  • His site listed simplified categories where I have highly detailed categories.
  • His site stated I was a member of the AAR. As of today, he was threatening to complain to the AAR because I stated I would reject every writer who came to me through his site. I have not been a member of the AAR for over two years and it has been in the FAQ on my site since I decided not to renew my membership in 2005.
And yet this site charges writers for this out-of-date and incorrect information.

Folks, if you want to spend some money trying to find an agent, I recommend you buy Jeff Herman's book on agents, editors, and publishers. Just click on this link:
Jeff Herman's Guide.

Here why I like Jeff's book.

  1. If you don't want to be in it, you don't have to be in it. It's "opt-in" not "opt-out."
  2. You can answer as little or as much of his questionnaire as you choose.
  3. You get to put your listing in your own words and he doesn't edit aggressively.

He's a publishing professional who respects other publishing professionals.

So, if you are going to spend your money in your search for an agent, buy his book. Don't waste it on sites like


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