Monday, March 10, 2008

The February Round-up

Again I'm a few days late getting to this, so I apologize.

In February, we...

...received 77 queries and rejected 59;
...received 23 sample chapters and rejected 2;
...requested 15 sample chapters or proposals;
...requested 2 manuscripts and received 3;

We offered representation to one nonfiction client in February.

We currently have on hand...

22 requested sample chapters;
3 requested manuscripts;

In addition to all that, we currently need to read and respond to two proposals we already represent and four client manuscripts.

The oldest "sample chapter" we have (actually, it's a self-published book, but we're treating it as a sample chapter) is dated January 19th. If your submission of a sample chapter was dated before that, then we should have already responded. If it is dated after that, then your patience is appreciated.

We have requested, but have not yet received...

11 sample chapters;
5 proposals;
2 manuscripts;

As always, our policy is to request material and, if not received within 30 days, to send a follow-up email. If not received within 30 days of the follow-up, we discard the query or sample chapter on-hand.

If you have submitted something to us but you have since accepted representation elsewhere, please let us know immediately so that we do not waste time reading material that is no longer available.



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