Monday, March 03, 2008

How Long?

About how long should we expect to wait to hear from you regarding materials we have submitted at your request? I submitted my first chapter back on January 11 and have received neither a rejection or a request for the ms. Is it still too early? If so, sorry to trouble you.

I'm going to say, yes, it's too early. Generally speaking, what we try go do at the beginning of each month is look at the reading pile and figure out where we are and post online what the last thing we read was. For example, I'm fairly certainly I've covered all sample chapters up to those whose cover letters were dated January 18th. But not all have been dealt with yet. My intern, who processes responses, is only in two days a week (one day this week) and will be getting out responses on Wednesday. Sounds like yours should be getting a response one way or another later this week or early next week, though I can't say off the top of my head how I responded to your project.


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B.L. Scott said...

Mr. Zack,

Thanks so much for your timely response. It's greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Scott, Austin, TX

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