Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If Not You, Who?

I was looking up a client's book on today and noticed how screwed up the various links are and how many editions are missing covers and have incorrect information. Granted, you'd expect the publishers to check this stuff out and fix the listings, but the truth is a lot of the information comes from different publishers and sources and sellers, etc., and, in the end, only one person is likely to know the full story of what's happening with your books: You.

Amazon has a link to let you fix catalogue information and upload images and do other things to fix your listings. I presume BN does also, though I spend little time on that site. My opinion is that every author with a book on Amazon or should be reviewing their titles monthly. Click every link and see what happens. Be responsible for what's being published about you and your books.

As a published author, you no doubt recall that the publisher sent you page proofs to review. This is partially to make you responsible for any typos in your books. Sure, there's a proofreader going over it, but you have the final responsibility for reading your proofs as carefully as possible. The same goes for Amazon and BN and any other site on which you or your books are listed. Is this a pain? Yes. Is it something your publisher should be doing? Yes. But if you want it done right, this is definitely one situation in which you should do it yourself.


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Chiron O'Keefe said...

Great info again, as usual.

I'd like to add that authors should also double-check all the links on their websites or blogs!

The best advice ever... Be responsible.

Thanks for this.

--Chiron O'Keefe
Ashland, OR

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