Friday, May 02, 2008

April's Monthly Wrap-Up

Oh, I am on fire with these monthly wrap-ups.

In April, we received...
  • 53 queries and rejected 40;
  • 10 requested sample chapters and rejected 10;
  • 1 requested manuscript;

We currently have 26 requested sample chapters to read, 3 proposals, and 3 full manuscripts. on hand to read.

We have read all sample chapters dated before February 29th. If you submitted a sample chapter to us before that date, we have already responded. If you did not receive that response—and you included an SASE or an email address if you are out of the US—then something has likely gone astray.



Kevin Clark said...

Just curious -- what do you suppose is the number of queries you receive that actually lead to representation? 1 out of 100? 1 out of 500?

Kevin Clark
Front Royal, VA

Andrew Zack said...

Someone once did the math on about a year of these wrap-ups and told me that I ultimately reject 99.75% of what comes to me. That includes things that come as queries and then I get a sample chapter and then I get a manuscript, but I don't take it on.


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