Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are you aware that the Google Ads on your blog sidebar are ads for, and links to, vanity presses and literary agents that have a “Not Recommended” listing in Preditor and Editor? My research on you indicates that you are a valid agent so it seems odd that you would have those kinds of ads on your blog. Then I thought maybe you weren’t aware of them.—Liz Wolfe, author of the Skye Donovan Photographic Mysteries

Dear Liz:

Thanks for your email and congrats on all of your success. Unfortunately, Google doesn't let me control who advertises with them, other than that I can ban "adult" sites, which I certainly do. While some advertisers may be vanity presses, in the end, those might be the right option for some authors.

As with any advertisement for any product, the editorial content and the ads are not necessarily connected. New York magazine is full of ads for escort services. Does that mean the editors of New York endorse those services? Of course not. Not any more than they promise you the guy who wrote the personal ad in the back of the magazine isn't a serial killer. Everyone answering an ad must due his or her own due diligence and look after his or her own interests.

If you answer a personal ad and your head ends up in a freezer, it's not New York magazine's fault. And if you answer a Google ad and it belongs to a scam artist, that's not my fault, either. Caveat emptor!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was scammed by Janet Reid and my name is Michael Gaveghan from Weston Florida

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