Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oops. The May and June Monthly Wrap-ups

Oops. It seems I forgot to post the May submissions wrap-up. So this one is a double-bagger:

In May, we received:
  • 36 queries and rejected 25
  • 10 requested sample chapters and rejected 4
In June, we received:
  • 55 queries and rejected 26
  • 13 requested sample chapters and rejected 2
  • 1 proposal
  • 2 manuscripts and rejected 1
We currently have 43 sample chapters, 4 proposals, and 2 manuscripts on-hand to read, not counting manuscripts and proposals for current clients.

Oh, and on top of all that, my wife is having a baby! And, she's having a baby this weekend! Yes, one way or another, that little critter is going to have to face the world this weekend. Needless to say, all of the getting-ready-for-baby chores have cut into the reading, working, sleeping, eating, etc. However, I'm fortunate enough to have two very bright editorial interns who are about to get two weeks off while I'm on paternity leave from July 4th through July 20th. And what are they going to do for those two weeks? Read! They will each be taking half of the sample chapters and reading them. Then they will meet and swap. Thus, by the time I get back, I should have two first reads on all of the sample chapters. Then I'll sort through their reader's reports and decide if they are worth reading myself or letting go.

It should be noted that we have read all sample chapters dated before March 12th. If you submitted a sample chapter before that date, we have already responded. If you did not receive a response—and you included an SASE or email address (email only if you live outside of the US)—then something has gone astray and you should contact us.

Additionally, we have requested but have not yet received 24 sample chapters, 2 proposals, and one self-published book, so if you haven't yet sent in your material, you may want to wait until after July 20th.



slcard said...

Dear Mr. Zack,

Congratulations. I would like to wish you and your family every happiness.

Sara L. Card
Sydney NS Canada

JKB said...

A baby!!!

Congratulations, dad! That is fantastic news!

Thanks also for the breakdown of queries...I always find that so interesting.

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