Thursday, August 07, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Regular readers have no doubt noticed that things have been a bit quiet here on the TZC blog. Blame that on my newborn son and the thrice-nightly feedings and my incredible sleep deprivation. But I do want to share a few pieces of news:

THE MAJESTIC TWELVE, by MSGT Jack W. Lynch II with Rick Lynch, has been sold to Thomas Dunne Books a division of Macmillan. Tom himself was instrumental in the decision to acquire the book, with actual editorial duties falling to Rob Kirkpatrick.

This is another one of those "patience is a virtue" stories. Jack and Rick came to me with an outline and chapters and I showed that to more than a few folks without takers. The real impact of Jack's story only came through in the finished manuscript, which came quite a while later. Thomas Dunne Books will publish in hardcover, presumably in 2009. They acquired US, Canadian, and the non-exclusive Open Market rights.

In a "you never know what might come out of a meeting" turn of events, graphic novel and limited-run comic-book rights to
Peter David's SIR APROPOS OF NOTHING have been sold to IDW Publishing here in San Diego. This deal came out of a meeting I had with president and publisher Ted Adams about something entirely different. These will be all new adventures of Apropos and Peter has already delivered three of six scripts.

Da Capo Press, a division of Perseus, has acquired rights to two new books by award-winning military historian Patrick K. O'Donnell The first book, THEY DARED RETURN, covers a daring mission by allied agents behind enemy lines. The second book, GIVE ME TOMORROW, will cover what is perhaps the most thrilling untold story of the Korean War. Pat's new book, THE BRENNER ASSIGNMENT, has just finished production, with the cover headed to the printer and the book not long behind. Look for it in bookstores next month.

Three Rivers Press, a division of Crown, will publish a revised edition of HOMESCHOOL YOUR CHILD FOR FREE, by LauraMaery Gold and Joan M. Zielinski. The book, originally published in 2000, will be completely updated.

The Zack Company's co-agent in Spain, Montse F-YaƱez, has been extremely busy on behalf of our clients. She recently sold Portuguese (Portugal only) rights to
Richard Child's HAND OF THE PROPHET and Peter Holt's CHROMOSOME 8. Both deals were with Humanity's Friends publishers. She also sold Portuguese rights (Brazil only) to Paul Offit MD's VACCINATED to L. Matrix Editora.

In China, TZC's new co-agent, ANAI (China), assisted in the sale of Patrick K. O'Donnell's nonfiction account of the marines in Fallujah,
WE WERE ONE, to Xinhua Publishing House. It also arranged the sale of Peter Holt's CHROMOSOME 8 in Simplified Chinese Characters to YILIN magazine, which will publish the entire novel in one issue.

Ed Greenwood, author of DARK LORD, reports that he is more than halfway through writing the sequel, ARCH WIZARD, which will also be published by Solaris Books (a third is under contract). If you are an Ed Greenwood fan but haven't yet read DARK LORD, this is an entirely different kind of thing for Ed. It features a writer of fantasy novels (go figure!) who finds himself pulled away from the real world and INTO the fantasy world, where only he can defeat the evil forces that have come to power there. I've been enjoying it on the Brilliance Audio edition myself, now that I spend too much time in my car as a Californian.

BILL KROEN'S GOLF TIP-A-DAY® CALENDAR 2009 just showed up from the folks at Andrews McMeel. Yes, 2009! And he's just delivered the manuscript for 2010. This calendar remains a perennial favorite for any golfer in your family.

The paperback edition of
Sheryl Anderson's KILLER RIFF, the fourth and final installment of her Molly Forrester series, has just been released by St. Martin's Minotaur. Now would be a good time to buy the entire series, while all of them are still in print! KILLER HEELS, KILLER COCKTAIL, KILLER DEAL, and KILLER RIFF. Sheryl and her writing partner/husband (or should that be husband/writer partner?), Mark, are busy cooking up a new idea right now.

Kathleen Winters, author of ANNE MORROW LINDBERGH: FIRST LADY OF THE AIR, has won an award for "Best Aviation Writing by a Minnesotan 2008" from Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame, a distinguished non-profit corporation known statewide. She's just delivered a proposal for a new book to her publisher, Palgrave Macmillan.

Paul Offit, MD's new book,
AUTISM'S FALSE PROPHETS, should be hitting stores any minute now and I confess I expect real controversy. Ranging from the original article in NATURE that claimed to have identified the source of autism in vaccines (since refuted) to faith healers and other quacks who claim to have found the cure, AUTISM'S FALSE PROPHETS, separates the fact from the fiction in the world of autism treatments. Sorry, Jenny, but you haven't found the cure either.

No doubt I've missed a few things, but I'll keep doing my best to update as fatherhood permits!


Monday, August 04, 2008

Query about Two Novels?

I have written two novels - both of which I would like to send a query about. Do I write two separate letters or include both novels in one letter?

I've often gotten this question in writers' groups online, or the similar one, "Which should I query about first?"

I always tell authors to query about their strongest project and not to mention the second. Getting an agent to pay attention to one project is hard enough. Tossing two in their direction is more likely to shorten your odds than improve them.


Friday, August 01, 2008

The July Monthly Wrap-Up

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wha? Huh? Oh, sorry. You caught me sleeping. You see, I'm a dad, now, and our little boy is a hungry beast who wakes up many times a night demanding to be fed. Granted, mom does most of the heavy lifting in that department, but I have my job, too. I'm the lucky guy who gets to get up first and change the monst—cute little guy's diaper. On a good night, I manage to avoid having him pee on me.

Needless to say, the reading has slowed down a bit, at least for me. The summer interns have ripped through pretty much all of the sample chapters and proposals that were here as of July 3rd, and I just need to wade through their memos and then there's going to be a bit of a bloodbath while we reject things or, more often than I would bet, request more material. But for now, here's where we stand:

In July, we...

Received 47 queries and rejected 35;
Received 9 requested sample chapters and rejected 1;
Received 2 proposals and rejected 0;
Received 1 manuscript and rejected 0.

We currently have the following on-hand to read:

2 full manuscripts from potential clients, plus I'm in the middle of reading one from a current client and another on deck;
1 self-published book (Yes, Bill, it's yours and we got both copies, and I got your call and we'll respond to the material as soon as we have read it);
6 proposals;
52 sample chapters.

We are currently awaiting:

1 full manuscript;
3 proposals;
20 sample chapters.

Generally speaking, the reason we post this data is so that you can determine where we are in our reading and whether or not you should have heard from us by now. For example, if we say the oldest thing we have on hand is from March, and you know you submitted to us in January, then chances are we responded and you didn't get it. Send us a note to follow-up. However, if you submitted in, say, June, and we are still reading March, then there is no way you would have heard from us. Because of my paternity leave, very little material was read and rejected in July and we still have on hand material from March. Today or next week, I will be reading the interns' reports on the sample chapters and likely passing on or requesting more on quite a few things, so keep an eye on the mailbox.

As always, we can't respond to calls to follow-up with us. Use Delivery Confirmation from the US Postal Service to ensure your material got to us. Check this blog to determine where we are in our reading. Don't resubmit unless you know we didn't get your material.