Friday, September 05, 2008

The August Wrap-Up

Summer is over, though you can hardly tell here in San Diego.  The temperature may be down a bit at night, but not a lot.  While I can’t say I miss the heat and humidity of summer in New York, I do miss rainy days quite a bit.  When do you reorganize the closet, catch up on old movies, or just nap when every day is bright and sunny?

With the interns gone, the reading and response times are going to slow down until I get some fall interns in here.  If you know a college student in the San Diego area who might be interested, please send them to the internships page of my website.

Okay, so here is the monthly wrap-up for August:

  • 43 queries received; 25 rejected
  • 20 requested sample chapters received; 19 rejected
  • 6 requested manuscripts were received; 3 rejected

In reviewing our “currently on hand” records, I see some references to projects I know we already rejected, which means someone dropped the ball toward the end of their internship.  Until I get a new intern in to reconcile the actual pile of materials with our records, I’m unable to say what we have on-hand at this time.



leshake said...

Dear Mr. Zack,
On June 25, in response to your request for material, I mailed to you 25 pages and a 5-page synopsis of my novel The Super Man by John Hampton. I also enclosed SASE as you requested.

To date I have received no response, so I just wondered what would be the best way to learn whether or not it is still in your “to do” pile, or whether it may have fallen through a crack.

Would appreciate knowing how to handle this, as I sent the material to you on an exclusive basis.

Thanks for your help.

Charles H. Bush, editor CNC West Magazine
Brea, CA

Andrew Zack said...

June 25th?! That's like yesterday. Clearly you aren't a regularly reader of my blog. My wife and I had a baby boy ten days after that.

We can't respond to individual follow-ups, so you'll just have to wait until we get up-to-speed on what we have and don't have and post it here. I've posted that here a few times also, so please do read the blog regularly and completely.

Finally, we never request anything exclusively. If you choose to send it to us on an exclusive basis, that's not going to encourage us one way or another read it faster. All we ask is that you let us know if you find an agent elsewhere, so we don't waste our time reading something that is no longer available.


Chuck said...

Dear Mr. Zack,
Thanks for your quick response.
Actually I do regularly read your blog.

My earlier post was prompted by your current note that things were in a bit of disarray due to your interns leaving.

My post was not an attempt to nag, merely trying to understand the situation. My worry was that my submission may not have have reached you at all.

Congratulations on your new baby.

Thanks again for the quick response.
Charles H. Bush

Andrew Zack said...

Unfortunately, it may not have. I have no idea. That's why we suggest authors use the USPS and their inexpensive Delivery Confirmation service to make sure it arrives safely.

Things are not in disarray. Merely, it appears that we still have things logged as being here that I know we rejected, so we need to reconcile the folder of what we think is here with what is actually here, and that's going to wait until the fall interns start, presuming I find one or two!


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