Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What would you do?

So I finally heard back from Anne Wallis, Founder & Creative Director of Wordhustler dot com.  I don't use the .com because I don't want an active link or to promote this site.  In fact, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that I will not be accepting any queries or submissions that reference this site.

I politely requested that this site remove the incomplete, incorrect, or outdated information they have regarding my firm from their site.  Ms. Wallis refused.  I again asked politely and she referred me to her attorney.

Folks, I see so much online complaining about "scam" agents and publishers and what I don't understand is why anyone trusts these sites that are aggregators of information.  I firmly believe half are just ripping off Jeff Herman's book, which I believe is the best resource for authors and the other half are just cruising the Internet, copying and pasting stuff, and putting it up as their own.  I'll say this once:  Other than Jeff's book, which I believe is still compiled via questionnaires sent to the agents and editors themselves, YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THE PRIMARY RESOURCES!  Specifically, the agents' own sites.  Otherwise, you have no idea how recently the "profile" on these aggregator sites was compiled or posted.

And you can't blame me or other agents for wanting their info removed.  It's not just that some of these sites are charging for information that is free.  It's a lot of work to read queries that are completely inappropriate.  It wastes my time and it wastes the time and money of authors who, based on incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information put those queries in the mail to us.

The aggregators want us to "work with" them to update or correct the posting.  Sure, for $150/hour, I'd be happy to do that. My time is money.  Why would I spend it doing their job?  To request an agent to take the time to update someone else's website when he or she did not CHOOSE to be on that website is beyond ridiculous.  It's just plain obnoxious.  So please don't frequent those sites.  Look for primary sites by the agents who interest you.  Maybe eventually the idiots who aggregate will quit.


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