Monday, October 27, 2008

Reviews, Reviews, How to Cover All of the Reviews?

Today, Newsweek hits the stands with an article about Paul Offit, author of Autism's False Prophets.  You can—and should—read the article here:

What I love about this article is that it is not just about the book.  It's about the author and talks about the fact that Paul is a real guy who loves children and has been motivated throughout his career by his childhood experiences to become a doctor and help children.  Click the link above and read it for yourself, then click the link below and buy the book.  It's an imporant read for any parent and anyone wondering why drugs are so expensive.  Imagine having to factor into the pricing of any medication the potential lawsuits that could come, even if the medication is proven safe!

Also getting a great review today is Patrick K. O'Donnell's The Brenner Assignment.  Publishers Weekly reviewed it online at

The review says, among other great things, "O’Donnell provides an insightful look into the internal struggles of the burgeoning OSS as well as a real-life espionage adventure of bravery, ingenuity and sacrifice."

Pick this one up and learn how they did it in the old days.  No smart bombs, no laser-guided, nap-of-the-earth-flying missles.  Just brains and big brass ones....



Kippur said...

Out of curiosity, as you appear to have a strong opinion on the concept of autism being caused by vaccinations, how are you involved in the autism world? If you are at all.

I ask this as a person with Asperger's syndrome, because I find it very rare to see someone who isn't proclaiming the need to find a cure or working with Autism Speaks.

Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Zack said...

Dear Gabrielle:

My involvement at this time is simply through working with my clients who write about autism. I currently represent two such clients.

And I do feel there's a need to find a cure, of course. But Jenny McCarthy is not the person who is going to do it and as her emphasis is on vaccines as the cause and as that cause that has been discredited by quite reputable research, shouldn't the resources be applied elsewhere?


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