Monday, November 24, 2008

How Apropos!

A few years back, my client John de Lancie called to tell me that he'd run into best-selling Star Trek author Peter David at a convention and started chatting about writing a novel I'd been bugging John for some time to write: a first-person novel from the POV of Q, John's terrific character that he played on three different Star Trek series.  The novel I, Q was the result and I started working with Peter from that point out on a few different things.

One of those was a trilogy of novels featuring Sir Apropos of Nothing, a knight of an unusual order, to say the least.  The first novel, called Sir Apropos of Nothing, of course, got a starred review in Publishers Weekly.  The second, The Woad to Wuin, also go a starred review in PW.  The third, Tong Lashing never got sent in for a review!  Go figure.

All three books remain in print, though, and you can pick them up using the links below:

The series ended there when the publisher, Pocket Books, got out of the original fantasy business (they've since gone back into the original fantasy business and we're hopeful they will buy some new Apropos novels soon), but readers looking for a fresh dose of Sir Apropos have a new outlet:  comic books.  Yes, comic books.  IDW Publishing has just released issue #1 of a new Sir Apropos series.  Now, I wish I could link to some site that sells the comic, but I can't say I'm affliliated with any.  So all I can do is show you the cool covers.  Yes, covers.  There are two versions.  Buy them both for your collection.

Sir Apropos of Nothing (2008) 1A Sir Apropos of Nothing (2008) 1B



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