Monday, November 03, 2008

The October Monthly Wrap-Up

Happy November greetings from, Lisa, Andy’s newest intern!  Andy is currently on his fifth cup of coffee for the morning, and greatly in need of a nap and a long vacation.  If anyone knows any tricks or techniques to get a baby to sleep through the night, he would greatly appreciate it.  I think he might be a bit envious of my nightly eight hours of undisturbed and blissful sleep.  That said, here are the totals for the month of October for those of you keeping track at home. 

In October, we… 

  • Received 28 queries and rejected 27;
  • Received 22 requested sample chapters and rejected 2;
  • Received 2 proposals and rejected 0;
  • Received 5 manuscripts and rejected 2.

 We currently have the following on-hand to read: 

  • 7 full manuscripts (with only one intern)
  • 4 proposals
  • 47 sample chapters

 We are currently awaiting: 

  • 3 proposals
  • 7 sample chapters

Please be aware that we have quite a bit of material to read, but we WILL get to you.  It is impossible for us to confirm that we have received your material, so make sure you use delivery confirmation if you are concerned the Post Office might lose it.  Also, do not forget that SASE; it makes our lives a lot simpler! 



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