Monday, November 10, 2008

Why QuickBooks 2009 sucks. Let me count the ways....

As a small-business owner, I have used QuickBooks for many years.  And I can't say I've ever really been in love with it, but now I may officially hate it.  Let's go over the reasons why:
  1. To get it to work, you must now call in and be on hold.  There is no registration online apparently;
  2. They send you a PIN that you did not choose and apparently are supposed to keep around for future use;
  3. The program would not install and I wasted numerous hours installing and uninstalling and screaming at customer support and the Office of the President.  Then I got a call back from Robert in QuickBooks Technical Support.  His phone number is 520-901-3059.  He is American, apparently, and in the home office.  He will hate me for putting his name and number up.  Tough.  If QuickBooks didn't ship all of its technical support off to India and a bunch of guys with indecipherable accents, Robert wouldn't be getting his number published.  But they did.
  4. I was always pissed about the payroll and tax table charges.  It used to be you got free tax table updates for a year when you bought the program.  Then you got ONE.  Give me a freakin' break.  Then they had different levels of payroll service, ranging from just tax tables and being able to print a few federal forms, up to doing it all for you.  But the pricing has always been far, far too high.  Now the lower-priced stuff is all gone, apparently, and you have to spend hundreds more per year to get basic functionality that used to be built-in to the price of the original purchase or a very cheap add-on.
  5. Intuit seems determined to lose the small-business owner as a customer and, frankly, I'd be glad to go but there's no competitor out there worth going to.  Sure, Microsoft has their own accounting package, but it seems to be an orphan child, frankly.  I see no commercials or effort to actually sell it to small-business owners.
  6. Everything about the 2009 version seems worse than the 2006 version.  Downloading and adding transactions for a bank account or credit card will take you at least twice as long and I wouldn't be surprised if it could take ten times as long.  I would rip that module out and start over.  You can't look up account alphabetically it seems.  I have "show account numbers" checked off and apparently it only works if you know the account number.  When I started to type a payee, nothing came up, but when I used the drop-down box it was right there.  Over the years, I have played around with various database programs and website-building programs.  I feel like QuickBooks 2009 has the feel of something built a guy in the back of his garage who just learned Java.
  7. Speaking of Java, I have no idea if that's what QuickBooks is using, but I think so and I have to say that I'm so sick of companies turning to Java to make their programs look and feel more like websites.  I have yet to see a program that was IMPROVED by turning to Java.  Certainly Plaxo was ruined by it and I will not be using Plaxo any longer.  The downloaded transactions screen in  QuickBooks 2009 has a Java look and feel and if that's what they used, it was a huge mistake.
  8. I have always wondered why QuickBooks seemed so unbelievably ignorant of the way most small-business owners work.  I probably know a dozen people using the program in their small businesses and none of them loves it.  They all think it could work better and yet all I ever see in QuickBooks is that the price goes up and the features stay the same or get worse.  More and more bugs seem to show up and I wonder if they have outsourced the programming to India along with their tech support.
  9. I think what QuickBooks needs is hate mail and an attitude change.  For years, QuickBooks has had an attitude that users should do things the way it wants users to do them, because that's easier for QuickBooks.  They seem to pay NO ATTENTION WHATSOEVER to their users, other than to determine what they need to do to sell more copies of QB and more products, like checks.  Yet their prices tend to be exactly twice the cost of ordering the same items online from Costco.  Yes, the QuickBooks products are perhaps a bit better in quality, but the checks I've gotten from third-parties have always worked with the program and my bank without any problems, so why overpay and buy from Intuit?
  10. QuickBooks charges what I believe is a very large sum for its programs and services, yet getting support is impossible and if you do get through, you'll be talking to India or Manila.   Its attitude is that you have to do it its way; they don't seem to ask customers how they think the program should work and then make it work that way.  Its supplies are overpriced.  Won't SOMEBODY out there please build a better mousetrap?


Bunny Jones, San Diego said...

What an awful blog. Also an awful web site. I would never consider sending anything to your firm to publish. Who do you think you are?

Andrew Zack said...

I'm a small-business owner that has given Intuit thousands of dollars over the years, just to have thousands of dollars in my time wasted by their "alpha" products that should never have been launched and products that have actually been made worse over the years, rather than better, so that you are not really paying to upgrade, only to downgrade.

Who are you?


johnshore said...

"Bunny" is about as wrong as wong gets. You really have a terrific blog here. I don't even recall how I happen to happen here, but I'm glad I did, because you write with a real open, tight, kind, intelligent tone. Rare enough out here in the blogosphere, that's for sure. Nice job.

Muse said...

Try GNU Cash. It works on any operating system. It's free and easy to use. Best of all, it's open source software and doesn't require a phone call to install.

Rita said...

I cannot believe how bad new version of QB2009 sucks, especially the online banking. I've been waiting for 3 years now for them to improve online banking feature so I can copy payee name information that comes with the downloaded transaction fro AmEx, instead of having to retype that name in memo field. I was hoping that some "brilliant" programmer will trip over that flaw in QB and finally improve it to make my like easier while downloading 200+ credit card transactions each month and not wanting to accept every restaurant or retailer as new payee. However, after getting demo version installed, i was dissapointed to find out that not only no improvements where made, but acctually they somehow managed to screw it up even worse than it was. I will definatelly continue to use my 2007 version and continue to manually retype each payee name into memo field. What a pain!

Andrew Zack said...

By the way, it's not backwards-compatible, so if you hate it and want to go back to the old version, you can't without restoring a backup and re-entering any transactions done since the upgrade. Think they can't make it backwards-compatible? I think they can. They just don't so they don't have to refund the money to all of the angry upgraders who want to go back.


Andrew Zack said...

By the way, for those Quicken users who don't mind writing checks, check out I recently did and was pretty impressed. If it had check printing, I might switch from Quicken.


Kirk Coburn said...

Great post! QB2009, what a joke! Glad I'm not the only one who is experiencing the pain of this excuse for a solution.

Greg said...


My name is Greg Wright. I am the Director of Product Management for QuickBooks. Thank you for posting your blog and inviting the subsequent comments for QB2009.

You addressed many issues in this blog, but I want to address the Online Banking in QB2009 directly. We know we missed the mark on this and are working hard to listen to feedback and correct the mistakes.

Here are some specifics and timelines for our online banking fixes. We have our engineers working nights and weekends to deliver as quickly as we can because we know many of you rely on online banking. We will be releasing some of the fixes via a downloaded update on December 11th for QuickBooks 2009 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions. The following updates are now available by a web download at the QuickBooks support site:

* "Quick fill" capability: Type in a dropdown in online banking and have QuickBooks automatically fill in the rest of the name

* Add new: Select "Add new" from a dropdown and be able to add new names, accounts, and classes within online banking

* Manual match: Pick a QuickBooks transaction to manually match to the downloaded transaction. You will be shown a view of the register that includes transactions that have not yet been reconciled and were not automatically matched by online banking

On December 18th another update will be available as an automatic update to QuickBooks 2009 which will include the fixes above and also will add back the "add multiple" functionality that was in QB2008 online banking. From this screen you can review, edit and add multiple transactions that are downloaded from your bank into QuickBooks.

We also know that many users need to be able to access other QB forms while downloading their banking transactions. We are working hard to "unlock" the online banking matching screens so you can go to other QB forms (for example sales receipts or inventory). I don't have specific details on timing for this yet.

In addition, we know some people have reported trouble downloading bank transactions from Bank of America. Bank of America has reported that they released an update on 12/12, so the direct download in QB2009 should now work.

I will also continue to post updates at our QuickBooks community site.

Thank you for your help and patience. Your support means a lot to us.

Greg Wright
Mountain View, CA

Andrew Zack said...

Wow. I feel famous. It would have been great if he had posted a link to the update, though.

Hey, Greg, I live right down the road from Intuit in San Diego. Feel free to make me an offer. It would be an easy commute; I could ride my bike!


Andrew Zack said...

So I downloaded the update and have to say I didn't see a huge difference. There are too many steps to "matching" transactions. In fact, "matched" transactions don't even show up. You have to click a link to make them show. Kind of silly, if you ask me. Also, the warning that Quickbooks needs to close all windows before it can open the matched transactions--a warning that requires you to click "okay"--is a pure waste of time.

The goal should be the fewest number of clicks and entries to get the user from the decision to download to all items entered. The old system was by far better and I do not understand why you broke something that worked just fine. You sure has hell did NOT improve it.


Rob Wilson said...

As another small business owner I have to agree with all of your points, Andrew. Just went through the activation procedure and now am having trouble printing to PDF -- product just hangs. Haven't entered any new transactions since buying the "upgrade" so may just bail and go back to QB 2007. I used to use QuickTax but jumped to TurboTax when Intuit went from allowing 4 returns to just one. Looks like Intuit is hell-bent intent on driving business away.

John Wright said...

Mr Wright (Product Mgmt),
I have a very extensive background in Product Development, Engineering and Management - been in all these roles, so I can understand what you are going through.
I also run a small business and just got QB 2009.
I AM COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED. The first and really the ONLY thing I use is Online Banking and my god - what a DISASTER !!!
The autofill capability is a joke. I really need to know exactly what subaccount I have under what ccount to get to it or have to scroll through ALL my accounts to find one. Last version you could search as you type and it worked well (not great but well).
Why did you take that feature away and improve it and BREAK it.
Golden rule - If it aint broke DONT fix it - please send this one line to your engineering team NOW.
I am sorry for being so harsh being in your shoes, but even my wildest disasters in my career do not come even close to QB 2009.
Take another example - if I deposited a check and downloaded through online banking, now not only do I have to match my payer, I also have to enter the whole amount again 2842.32 cents - god could you fill it by default with the deposit amount and if I want to split it - I will do it later.
My online banking transactions now take 5-10 TIMES - yes 5-10 TIMES LONGER.
God - I cant believe what you have built. This thing could be built in MS Excel and be better.
Please rollback your changes and at least get some workable features out. I shelled out $200 for this in this bad economy - have mercy on me.
Intuit probably forgot the disaster and near death experience they had when they tried copy protection in TurboTax a few years back. Please learn from your mistakes and dont kill yourself.

I have never ever written such a harsh review for anything in my life - this is the absolute worst revision of a software EVER.

Betty said...

Hey Andrew,
I found your blog accidentally by googling "how to add a new company in Quickbooks 2009". I am a small biz owner (art director/graphic designer) who naively thought I was QB-competent. But just now I tried to add a new business (apartment landlord/management) and totally screwed up my existing company's bookkeeping. Rather than adding a new company, both companies became meshed together. Any suggestions on adding additional companies? Obviously, I did something wrong....Opening New Company got me in trouble. Perhaps I should have Closed Company? Now I'm scared of doing anything for fear of using a year's worth of bookkeeping. Appreciate any guidance.

Andrew Zack said...

Hi Betty:

File and then New Company should have done it and not combined data. You could close the company and from the No Company Open screen click Create a New Company.

However, you likely didn't mesh data. I believe QB lets you create a new company using a old company as a template. Check where your store your company files and see if you have two, one for the old and one for the new.


Rob Wilson said...

Andrew, any chance you've discovered if there's some hidden feature in 2009 that replicates what used to be called the Company Center? In previous versions the "home screen" provided an overview of key information (overdue invoices, memorized transactions due, etc.) on launch. There does not seem to be any similar feature in QB Pro 2009 (my version v.18.0.4003.0). Seaching online seems to suggest there's a new feature called Snapshot (e.g. but I can't find this anywhere in QB 2009's menus, preferences etc. Any ideas?

Andrew Zack said...

There's a button for Company Snapshot in the Icon row, next to Home. You may need to customize the Icon row to make it show. The Snapshot shows balances and customers that owe money, etc.


sphillips said...

I have to agree that online banking in 2009 is a DISASTER. We download over 200 credit card transactions PER DAY from only four major credit card providers. In 2008 I could "add multiple" and they woudl autofill to the same account/category as the last time. Now I have to manually match them all so we are spending 100+ TIMES LONGER. To make matters worse we just shelled out $2400 for QB Enterprise 9.0. At this point we will see if tech support (oh by the way I have been on hold with India for over 30 minutes!) can fix it or just take our money back and use 2008.

Michael said...

What a POS product. The registration is a marketing trap. IE they will not accept any valid phone number, only the one you are calling from. I am not able to give it out-don't have time for THEIR stupid sales calls for other crap. AND they dawdle all day reading me their privacy dribble weasel wording rather than giving me their attorney's name and address - just in case they don't follow their own policy!!!! WHAT DIRTY COWARDS they are. I am taking this garbage back to the store - at least they aren't trying to make sales calls at me.
Michael Soloman, Seattle, WA

John said...

Of course, if you can get 2009 installed, you may run into a damaged template problem ... seems it has a problem converting from older versions of Quickbooks. If it is one of their default templates, you are supposed to send them your data to be fixed. Free, I'm sure! Ha. Yes, another disaster release.

oaishm said...

I've killed myself trying to use quickbooks with any other front end applications. The only way is to hand enter the resulting entries from those front end applications because importing with quickbooks is nearly impossible. There is no real way to import into quickbooks without a significant investment of time or money to learn it. I've imported into great plains and sap. This is far harder than any real accounting system

Lev said...

Please add my name to the long list of dissatisfied users of QB2009.

The Online Banking tool is a sham! We are a small company that has regular deposits being made by our billing company. In the past I would download the transactions from the bank and easily enter them trough the Memorized Transaction window. Now, what a disaster! All windows close! Why? I have to manually enter everything about the downloaded transaction in to a new window! What an unbelievable waste of time! I wish that Intuit would bring back the old functionality of leaving all windows open, including the register and the list of Memorized Transactions!

And, to echo the frustration with the registration process – intrusive and will definitely make me think more than twice the next time I need to upgrade. To avoid this ploy I may have to push upgrading for as long as possible!

Holmedl, NJ

Carlos Vieira-Silva said...

We have another big problem.
As an export company we trade in multi-currency (FX).

The new QBi 2009/10 has a terrible bug:

USD Home Currency Adjustment entries do not work properly in QBi, as it used to work in all previous versions.
When going back to a new saved journals transaction:
- The tick on Home Currency Adjustment goes to blank by itself,
- The amounts of Journal lines on the screen-display show zero now (but if you look at the journal the original amounts are still there???),
- USD Bank Account initial journal shows $0, but the Reverse journal wrongly shows the dollar $ amount, throwing the account out of balance.

We’ve already contacted Advantage Technical Support and they reproduced the Bug on their own system and agreed with us it is a QBi system program code problem (a bug).

It is an issue for QuickBooks’ Development Department and Marketing, as they are selling a defective product that does not comply with specifications and advertisement. It is an issue for Office of Fair Trading.

We’ve been using QuickBooks for over 5 years and we really like it.
I went to the launch of QBi nine months ago (June08) and I was very impressed with all the new announced features.

Unfortunately, even the final release of QBi 2008-09 Enterprise (version R8 - Jan09) still not working properly as it still has Bugs on it (bad program coding).

It is a great disappointment that Reckon cannot get this new QBi version working properly.

Ann Taylor said...

I found this blog because I typed 'why is quickbooks being so stupid?'! I have a very old version and it is being silly and I don't know how to fix it. I was thinking of upgrading but now I've read this blog I don't think I'll bother!!

Ann Taylor UK

Brian said...

I found this blog because I Googled "Quickbooks Sucks." I can't tell you how many nights I've pulled my hair out trying to sort out this horrible, horrible software. It does nothing but waste my time and screw up my accounting. Thanks for providing a place for people to vent.

Jim said...


I'll give you one more. I am a QB Pro Advisor and have many QB clients. I am fairly happy with QB overall, but their payroll systems have a MAJOR SECURITY FLAW in them that everyone should know about. I lost a client over this and suffice it to say I'm not happy. QB Enterprise Edition also has this flaw by the way, and QB does not know what to do about it. They don't seem to care either. Apparantly, even though you can lock people out of QB payroll transactions etc., if they have access to the general ledger, then they have access to detail payroll data. The reason for this is that QB posts the detail of every paycheck to the G/L. So if you want to prevent someone in the accounting department from seeing payroll (a typical client need), user permissions doesn't do the trick. Because even though they can't see the payroll transactions in the payroll module, they can see every gross payroll transaction for each employee in the general ledger!!! Great job designing this part of the system QuickBooks!!!!

Anyone who would like to talk about this in more detail, please feel free to contact me at 781-248-5759 or by email at


Anonymous said...

hi there...I am using Quickbooks 2007 and was/have been reluctant to upgrade because I was never able to find clear and concise instructions on how to do so. I'm glad I found this place so, now I know I will not upgrade my current version and I am officially looking to replace Quickbooks. I have seen enough evidence of marketing traps and subterfuges. And last but not least, I am really tired of calling and getting somebody that I cannot understand and less than adequate support. In this economy, we need to work with whomever facilitates our work so, goodbye Quickbooks. Hope you survive the recession

Anonymous said...

I am yet another long-time QB customer who has been completely unable to install QB 2009, even with their tech support, such as it is. It is absolutely outrageous that QB 2009 will not install on an XP Pro machine. This is another example of the shoddy software being produced. Software publishers should be legally liable for their product, like others.

michelle said...

I too typed in "quickbooks sucks" on GOogle, and I need to say that they have the WORST inventory management system I have ever seen. I have spent the last year matching my bills for special orders directly to customers for billing. And this stupid program cost averages for its entry when I sell it to the customer, when I have already given the damn cost information to QB to use. If I would have wanted the cost to be averaged, I would not have gone through the EFFORT to enter it directly to a customer for billing! What a waste of money, time, energy and my hair!
And what a number it does on your financial statements! you cant count on ANY of the numbers to know if you are even turning a profit, but hey, QB is rolling in the cash!

Anonymous said...

I resently purchased QB for the
1st time with multiple licenses for my biz. We have a great game plan, so I thought.

We wanted to expand out location and use remote desk top log ins to access using 1 Data Base. We then tied it to a customer service software that we pain stakingly reseached. Then hired a local QB Certified Consultant. haha!~!!

The QB Consultant did noting for us but at a very reasonable rate!! $60.00 per hour, the bills grew and grew while I was busy expanding my company. Once I realized the pile of money I spent with little or nothing to show for it, I decieded to get rid of the consultant and go it alone. I am currently lookg of an Indian inturpurter!! We feel that the QB Pro 2009 system with our Qxpress Customer service softwear, along with the 5 new computers / various switched router and Fiberoptic FIOS we purchased should be up and running Sometime in 2011.

Customer Support seem to only be spoken in Indian by a women named Wendy!! (haha!) And only if you buy something additional each time you call!!

Great Blog!! I've never done this b-4 I feel much better getting this off my chest! some $9500.00 late!!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! love it. Agree! yah di yah! MYOB is my absolute favourite - love it to bits for small business. then I moved companies and they had the awful Quickboks. My goodness, going through the whole FX difference problems right now. Apparently, it took them more than 9 months to fix a basic error of FX differences that say, you have an exchange differences for amount invoiced to amount paid hence the difference goes to the Exchange Gain/Loss account. What we had was a massive discrepancy in the General Ledger. What a basic concept which took them 9 months to fix. Then of course, because we couldn't install their update, we had to keep calling every 30 days to extend our 2007/08 version. Yuck! Do we get reimbursed for the days of wasted time with their horrible product? This is the lastest of my many interesting adventures with Quickbooks. Thankfully, we are going through the process of changiing systems now.Apparently management has had enough too.

AW, NSW Australia

IT Support said...

WoW! Great Blog. I am a Tech Consultant and I work with some QB installs.

Having QB on your network is a nightmare. The software in NOT secure. In a multiuser environment, any user can turn on multi-user hosting and crash the QB server right from their desktops, hello? And it happens!

Even their Enterprise edition is weak. How can they even call it Enterprise? It's a cheap, SOHO program that uses the same DB server as their $150.00 version!

Most of my clients that have QB have had trouble with it. The programs drops user sessions (abort messages) leaves open files, corrupts data, ugh!

Their tech support staff are low level flow chat readers.

In all fairness to QB, you get what you pay for. Don't expect that for <$ you will get a great program with a certified technical knowledgeable support staff at your beckon call.

There are better programs out there, they just cost more.. much more. And you can't get them at an office supply chain.

Miguel IT Staff said...

I am an IT manager and have some clients with QB. From experience, it's a nightmare to manage QB on the network AND it's problematic and unreliable.

1. Their DB server can be turned ON from any workstation by an unauthorized user. If you are networked, you can go to file/utilities/host-multi user access and turn it on, essentially ruining (crashing) the connection for everyone else on the network. And it happenes! Intiut programmers, take a security or bulletproofing 101 course, please.

2. You can chat on-line line with other QB users if you have QB 2009. Use chat for social chat and your employer is powerless because it cannot be permanently turned off.

3. Thier tech support staff are clueless flow chat readers who's flow charts seemingly leads to the same (roughly) 3-4 answers for all problems.

4. The 'Enterprise' edition (chuckle) uses the same DB engine as their $ 150.00 product and has the same security holes. They added some features but it's the same cheap SOHO product under the hood.

5. The DB engine server is lackluster, slow, has no tools for dignostics and tends to drop sessions and leave users without access.

6. My favorite: you get the same 2 or 3 error codes (i.e. -6177) for a huge variety of problems!!

7. At some point, all my clients that use QB have had problems with corrupt data, dropped sessions (abort messages) and access to files.

I somewhat liked their product up until 2005, in 2006, when they switched to the DB server, I began to lose respect for it.

In all fairness to QB, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Don't expect to get a well written, enterprise grade software for your business with knowledgeable, certified technical staff at your beckon call for QB's price point.

There are plenty great accounting and bookeeping packages out there, they just can't be bought at your local office supply superstore.

Miguel, Miami, FL said...

I am an IT manager and have some clients with QB. From experience, it's a nightmare to manage QB on the network AND it's problematic and unreliable.

1. Their DB server can be turned ON from any workstation by an unauthorized user. If you are networked, you can go to file/utilities/host-multi user access and turn it on, essentially ruining (crashing) the connection for everyone else on the network. And it happenes! Intiut programmers, take a security or bulletproofing 101 course, please.

2. You can chat on-line line with other QB users if you have QB 2009. Use chat for social chat and your employer is powerless because it cannot be permanently turned off.

3. Thier tech support staff are clueless flow chat readers who's flow charts seemingly leads to the same (roughly) 3-4 answers for all problems.

4. The 'Enterprise' edition (chuckle) uses the same DB engine as their $ 150.00 product and has the same security holes. They added some features but it's the same cheap SOHO product under the hood.

5. The DB engine server is lackluster, slow, has no tools for dignostics and tends to drop sessions and leave users without access.

6. My favorite: you get the same 2 or 3 error codes (i.e. -6177) for a huge variety of problems!!

7. At some point, all my clients that use QB have had problems with corrupt data, dropped sessions (abort messages) and access to files.

I somewhat liked their product up until 2005, in 2006, when they switched to the DB server, I began to lose respect for it.

In all fairness to QB, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Don't expect to get a well written, enterprise grade software for your business with knowledgeable, certified technical staff at your beckon call for QB's price point.

There are plenty great accounting and bookeeping packages out there, they just can't be bought at your local office supply superstore.

mimed198 said...

Quickbooks 2009 does suck. I have used Quickbooks 2009 for years with no problems ever. On April 15,2009 I was forced to upgrade. Since then I have had five occasions where Quickbooks has given me error code - 6000 - 301. This means all my data is gone since last backup. When you get those error codes you CAN NOT back up. They should be ashamed of this version. I am at wits end on what to do.

nelsonhoover said...

I fully agree that QB sucks. The latest version I have is QB 08. It is the biggest, slowest-loading, most bloated version I've used yet.
My previous version I had set up as networked multi-user. Never did manage to get 08 multi-user working. And believe me, I've tried everything.
Also, it appears to be much more prone to crashing, and as a result, losing that 3 page invoice you where just finishing.

Great blog.

Charles said...

Im a Network Engineer who works with several clients using various versions of Quickbooks Premier in networked environments. I'd have to agree wholeheartedly with most of the negative comments about using Quickbooks in a networked configuration.

The most glaring case is at a CPA firm where we have multiple versions of Quickbooks installed in order to support the client base. All data files are hosted on a dedicated Windows 2003 server. While the 2008 version did slow things down, the 2009 version seemingly has introduced a bug which causes the connections to be dropped at random from the XP workstations accessing this data.

No rhyme or reason, and no solutions from Intuit (naturally...). Their support is useless and no one wants to take ownership of this problem and fix it. Things have gotten SO bad that we're considering removing 2009 from workstations and the server, rolling back the database engine, etc., in HOPES that this will alleviate the dropped connection issue. Im not at all optimistic.

In my mind things started to go down hill rapidly with Quickbooks (in a networked configuration) when they stopped support Novell NetWare networks. Now, honestly, it's pretty much unreliable and not reliable enough for the CPA firm to use. Sad commentary on how a formerly good company has turned into a terrible one with a horrible product.

charles cramer
Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

I purchased QB Pro 2008 as an educator (at a discount) to upgrade from 2005. Couldn't believe that this upgrade seemed pointless. I figured something as simple as sorting items in a reconciliation screen (by $ value) would have been added along with various search improvements [ie. find a transaction that's more than $100 but less than $150 ... CAN'T DO THAT because it probably requires very advanced technologies not yet invented on this planet] . I felt stupid because I didn't see a single reason for why I upgraded except to send them money and think I was "up-to-date".

Worse - I installed it on my laptop & desktop. (Totally legit - I'm the only person who uses it and only one copy is running at one time). About once every 9 months, I reinstall all my software for a clean image on my computers (don't ask why ... lots of reasons beyond the scope of this email and I know about ghost and other imaging products - I use some combination of that). Found out the educator version was only good for THREE installations. EVEN ON THE SAME EQUIPMENT. If I installed it 3 times on one PC - that's it, I'm DONE. No more installs.

SCREW THEM - I paid for it. So I downloaded a cracked version online. So here I am running a pirated copy of a program that I have actually purchased. Hilarious.

That doesn't even begin to cover my many other frustrations with this junk they call accounting software. At least now I know - if I'm ever stupid enough to think an upgrade is in order - you better believe I'm not actually going to pay for it.

And I'm looking for some competitor to step up to the plate with a decent alternative at a similar price point.

Also - I was considering using the online banking component. THRILLED that I found this blog - I just saved myself a lot of time and probably some money too. Sorry other people had to suffer for my benefit.

Thanks for the space to vent.


Portland Oregon

Boss said...

You end users of crappy Intuit software don't even know the half of it.

From an IT perspective, Intuit software is a huge pain in the *** to support. Intuit makes software that requires considerable exceptions to common security models, and it is the MOST EXPENSIVE application, other than SAP, to maintain. It simply IS poorly engineered software.

We have 100 users in our organization, only 12 of them use any of the versions of QuickBooks that we have any any given time. These QuickBooks database servers, and their implementation, are a complete joke.

From an engineering standpoint, Microsofts new Accounting software is far and away better than Intuit, or any other accounting software that I've supported as a information systems technician. It, at least, easily confirms to even basic (very commonly used) security models, and is far less problematic and less expensive to maintain. It's truly a SQL Server based system, and therefore much easier to support/modify/repair/EVERYTHING.

Inuit products have undermined my IT budget for years. I hate Intuit software.

If you are in the market for an accounting software, I highly recommend Microsoft Accounting software.

Good luck to those stuck with QuickBooks, or any other Intuit software.

CIS Tech Consulting
Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

Nice blog - I googled Quickbooks Sucks!
I am so frustrated with quickbooks like everyone else. What a money trap! I can't believe in a time where small business owners are struggling Intuit has the gall to force a $320 upgrade in order to utilize the e-mail feature! What a joke! I am also peeved at the outsourcing for customer service! Good job Intuit on losing another unsatisfied customer - you suck big time!!

J. Branum, Phoenix, AZ

Raichelle Wagner said...

Thank you so very very much for this blog. I recently started using Quickbooks 2008 again after a few years away and thought I was going crazy when I switched to 2009 and everything was completely screwed up. The accounts and how it won't even show your account number and tax line if you made a new one? The tax line choices instead of being able to make one yourself, mine don't fit under any other these because they are all for mining, oil exploration or forestry. LITERALLY nothing there that matches ANYTHING I'm doing and they make it fricken impossible to code them myself. Not to mention the online banking, incompatibility with printers etc. WORST PROGRAM EVER. I think every year they make changes to the only thing that made me sigh and think, okay if that works, I'll survive, just to laugh to themselves at our misfortune of poor alternatives.
Also the fact that there is a fee for any calls to the company for technical support, sure if I was calling everyday, but at least give out like 15 of free time with someone who can speak english.

Raichelle Wagner (very upset Intuit Customer)
Saskatchewan, Canada

Anonymous said...

Looks like it has't gotten any better!

Anonymous said...

I'm having two very frustrating problems with Online Banking in Quickbooks Enterprise 8.0:

1. The credit card merchant name has the date embedded in it, so it NEVER matches! This seems to have started when I switched banks where I can't download directly from Quickbooks, but have to go to the website and pull down the qbo file and import it. I don't believe this happened with Wachovia or Wells Fargo, but now I'm using a smaller bank.

2. Almost every time I "add one to register" with online banking, I type in the vendor name and the account automatically says "-split". I double click on split to adjust it and I find myself at the "enter check" screen. On this screen, they've automatically entered the next check number (even though you are downloading a transaction that did NOT have a check number associated with it before you open it up) AND in the category section, the first line's account is blank, but the dollar amount is there, then the next line has the proper category, but the amount is blank! So you have to cut and paste the category from the second line to the first line, delete the check number, then click save. Is this part of everyone else's life??

As many have said, online banking is terrible, even with 8.0. Thank god i found this blog, as I was considering upgrading from 8.0 to 9.0 but now I will start actively looking for another product.

Speaking of problems, that averaged cost thing is CRAP. I sell fuel, and we buy 6000 gallons at a time. The price fluctuates a LOT, so when using the average price method instead of FIFO, it destroys all of my profit and loss calculations.

Jason, Austin TX

Anonymous said...

15 Year User
2009 Quickbooks has finally hit rock bottom!
I have always had clients using this product or installing it myself. DO NOT BUY QUICKBOOKS 2009. Period.
You will regret how bloated, crash pesistent, more sales tactics, bad support, POOR networking and multi-user ability, bad security, etc.. I could could go on forever. Five years ago quickbooks had programs that ran multi-user FAR better than they do now. I am sending my clients copies back. You have 60 days, don't miss the bus.

Andrew Zack said...

To the user sending his clients' copies back: What will you use instead?

Bob Segraves said...

RE IT Supports comments on other options to QB v9.0 - So tell us what other applications we should consider. At the price I charge my clients per hour it doesn't take long to waste the equivalent of the cost of an accounting application I don't have to spend hours a day trying to make work or spoon feeding data to.

Jeff said...

AMEN! for your blog. I have used QB since the beginning - reluctantly. The president of Intuit must be a real ass, because EVERYONE I have talked with has been an ass. I try to be nice, pleasant, does not matter. Even the sales staff. We have used PC's for years and just switched to Macs. And, QB only makes a single user version for Macs! What, Macs aren't networked? I'm done with QB. I am deleting every copy we have and starting new with somebody, anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Quickbooks sucks, PERIOD. This fact hasn’t changed just because an Intuit employee was sucking up on this blog after people have publically complained…the fact still remains Quickbooks is the worst software package I have ever used. Are we supposed to feel better that this guy states they have their engineers working day and night to fix horrible software that should never had been released with these issues? How about working day and night before selling this junk? I am an engineer that writes applications as well as uses on average atleast 10 different software packages from as many manufacturers every day. Intuit’s Quickbooks has by far the worst user interface of any program I have ever used and I have been forced to use and program many horrible software packages. Quickbooks navigation and data entry is horrible and extremely inefficient, which is the main purpose this program is used…entering in transactions. So it doesn’t surprise me online banking doesn’t work either.

One typical example of the navigation and data entry torture using Quickbooks is when looking at an open PO and this applies to many other typical daily tasks in QB. Shouldn’t a user just be able to right click or click a button on that PO to perform a “receive items” for that PO’s items, wouldn’t that make sense? Not with Quickbooks: to receive the items on the PO you are looking at right there on your screen you have to go up to the transactions button or right click in certain areas then select “receive items” which then a BLANK “receive items” screen pops up, then you have to re-find that SAME PO again by first locating the vendor, answering YES to the fact this vendor has open PO’s (duh) and then select that PO from the list if you can remember what that PO number was of that PO you were just looking at!!!! Everything in Quickbooks is done that way…extremely inefficient and confusing. Don’t even get me started on the fact CTRL Z doesn’t undo changes (and there is no UNDO in the EDIT menu), and if you press revert button, ALL changes are eliminated and you are left with what you started with…so much data re-entry is required with this program until you figure out the quirks. They don’t even have a CANCEL button on the bottom of forms so to exit out of screens without the chance of accidentally saving something you don’t want, have to locate the small X box at top right of form.

Why does it take 5 minutes for Quickbooks pro to load even on a fast machine like I have (probably have to load all those advertisements) or kick start that database server (why didn’t they use SQL server instead of writing their own?). It takes 8 seconds for QB to recognize an incorrectly entered password…why so long, that should be instantaneous. Even when not using Quickbooks there are still Quickbook services ( one is qbupdates.exe) running in the background taking up CPU and memory resources plus they are connecting to Intuit or whereever over the internet without users aware of this thus further slowing down people’s computers even when not using Quickbooks. No way that I could find to shut those services down in Quickbooks so I had to manually shut them off. I had to block all of Quickbooks background services from accessing the internet with my firewall program.

I hate this program and am actively searching for an alternative or may write my own. That must be why Intuit has an SDK program so people can write their own software to make up for the huge inadequacies of this program. However, I read Intuit’s SDK interface is EXTREMELY slow for the simplest db queries. And the object model for events and methods to perform any actions on any of that data is the most convoluted object model I have ever seen. For you accountants out there who like this program, you clearly are not doing a lot of data entry for day to day transactions that small businesses actually have to perform. My business is manufacturing of engineered products, not struggling through a horribly written program.
Shawn, Denver

Anonymous said...

Another thing, if anyone ever browses Intuits Community forum, every problem must be corrupt data, corrupt file, corrupt template, corrupt dll, corrupt this corrupt that. Do a search in that forum for the word corrupt...1751 results. This is obsurd, is everyone using floppy disks? My computer has over 300,000 files on it plus 5 other computers with about as many and none has had a "corrupt" file in over 3 years of use. The only "corrupt" file per the forum's host is the progressive invoice template that Intuit provided (I changed company name), it prints out thousands of pages and no one seems to have an answer to fix it...must be corrupt this or that. I'll tell you what the issue is...CORRUPT software that created the corrupt files and data.

Anonymous said...

I basically only need an electronic check register and I used Quicken Business for many, many years with no problems: quick and intuitive. Then I got a new accountant who only uses QuickBooks ("because it's the best"). Even with the built-in data conversion it cost a couple of thousand dollars to clean and setup the QuickBooks data.

Once things were set up, the very first time I used QB I absolutely hated it. Completely non-intuitive menu structure, difficult and sometimes incomprehensible transaction search functions, confusing and tedious electronic banking matching, etc.

I thought maybe it was just a matter of getting used to a new program, but after nearly 2 years I HATE QuickBooks more than ever; I DETEST it; LOATHE it; DESPISSSSSE IT. In addition to still trying to fathom the menu tree, it constantly screws up data; now it has retroactively put in triple entries for electronic deposits for the past few months (each deposit is listed 3 times! - WHAT THE HELL?), so I have to go in an manually clean this crap up.

I think accountants press clients into QuickBooks to make themselves essential to sort out the garbage that the program turns financials into. I am just about ready to dump QB and go back to quicken since I will only have to re-enter 2 years of data by hand (no backwards data conversion, of course).

DO NOT BUY QUICKBOOKS!!!! It sucks and will drain away time and energy that you could put to much more productive use.

Greg Cummings - Oklahoma City, OK

Mark said...

Could not have said it better, only because I cannot think of a harsher term than "sucks."

Tim said...

I have to agree with several of the comments that maintains that "sucks" is NOT a strong enough word for QB2009. For them to ignore their customer base for over a year regarding the online banking interface is inexcusable. Someone PLEASE give me a reliable alternative since I am seriously considering a spreadsheet. I will NOT reward them by allowing them to sell me a "new & improved" QB2010 that fixes their screw ups!

Michael Weber said...

Yes, I agree. Quickbooks 2009 painfully sucks.

First, as someone already stated, in a time when small businesses are scrambling to make ends meet, forcing an upgrade in order to continue to use payroll (for which we already pay an annual fee) is ridiculous.

Then, to force an upgrade to such a shameful product is beyond comprehension! It has a database server? Really? Is it USABLE? Our accountant complained of slowness after we upgraded, so I purchased a brand-new machine with a lot of proverbial horsepower. It still takes Quickbooks 2009 over two minutes to open a reasonably small company file and begin to do anything with it. Simply awful.

I've seen much older hardware still running a Windows OS handle database serving MUCH better than the Quickbooks database server does! It's a SERVER. It's supposed to serve up DATA, but rather it seems that it serves up the entire database/company file. I can do that on a file server. This "Database server engine" and client that they have terribly needs a re-write.

I don't use the online banking function, but I would really like to do so, and if it's as bad as others say here, I will refrain.

For other software vendors that want to attack a very needed market - that being SMB - build something better, faster, more secure, and more reliable than Quickbooks and take all their business. After all, everyone that was forced to upgrade to 2009 will be forced to upgrade again in two or three years, so you have some time. :)

David H said...

I am a small business owner who bought QuickBooks Pro because it seemed to be the best product out there. 4 years later I am becoming more and more unhappy with Intuit. To call their business practices "predatory" would be exceedingly charitable.

Anonymous said...

I'm a small business Owner that is insensed at how much lost productivity this lousy product has created. Intuit sucks!

Anonymous said...

I am also a small business owner in the Los Angeles area. I got tired of all the work I did just to do the payroll for my small business. I ended finding a great company called Cyntron Payroll Solutions. They took care of me right from the start. Best of all, they handle everything! Ask for JP, he'll take care of you.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any other suggestions other than Gnu and Microsoft?

I've looked at Mircrosoft and was not impressed and can't help thinking that just one comment for it was maybe a plug.

I don't know what Gnu is and will check it out.

I am a proadvisor for QBooks and just paid for another year to be supportive. I would love to spend it redirecting people to a good product.

I have had complaints over the years from clients that are frustrated because they can't understand the way it works.

Most of these people just don't understand accounting, but some of them just want something better.

The thing that concerns me the most is the comments from the IT guys. I was unaware that it was so insecure and easy to crash. I just knew it did not work well on a network. It is always way slower and had more problems.

I also agree you get what you pay for. QBooks is cheap next to say, Peachtree. Do any of you IT guys know about how Peachtree is and if it is secure?

Not that I like Peachtree. IT is way too fussy for me. I like to be able to post where ever in the year without feeling like I've committed a felony. I'm getting used to it a little since I have a client that insists on using it. It's not cheap but it's not much more than QBooks. And it's the program that QBooks always trys to copy. The Company Snapshot was on Peachtree way before it hit QBooks. and it is still way better on Peachtree. But I really hate Peachtree. And I am an accountant that understands debits and credits and not messing with the prior period and all that. I HATE that my QBooks clients can go back and mess with the data after I have done the tax return!

Anyhow, does anyone have any other suggestions other than Gnu, Peachtree or Microsoft?

Anonymous said...

As a QB user since 2000 I have watched Intuit degenerate from customer focused to what feels like complete disdain. In the late 1990's, business school cases were taught about Intuit's single minded attention to all the details that make up great customer product experiences. In the early 2000's, I remeber long helpful discussions with real live American based customer service EXPERTS able to solve any QB issue. Now, the abomination of QB 2009 forced on anyone who uses QB for payroll or other services that require updates, is compounded by the "customer service" circle jerk that they call "community". What a mess.

Anonymous said...

Ken Steinsapir, Los Angeles

WIthout a doubt Intuit is melting this product down. Have been using it for about 10 years. The last up date was dreadful. However the worst was our recent transition to Quickbooks 2009 for MAC. There is no longer a built in payroll function. One is forced to choose between two terrible payroll services. I am sitting here hand calculating payroll again after 15 years because these programs are unworkable. I am seriously thinking of bailing on this program. It is not so hard to do double entry bookkeeping on Excel. Something is seriously wrong over at Intuit.

Anonymous said...

Let me count the ways I hate QB. Oops, that would be impossible, I hate it too many ways to count.

The "split" issue in the register is alone enough to make me want to bomb QB headquarters (of course at night when no one is in the building).

Why the hell would the register automatically split a transaction when I select a vendor, and worse it splits the transaction the worst way possible- with the whole balance on a line with no payee, and a $0 on the line with the payee I just entered!

Beyond retarded. QB developers, pleaase pull your head out of your arse!

Missy said...

I love this blog! I have been trying to get QB help for a long time but of course it isn't offered when you purchase the product, only if you pay for help! The "Help" within the program does not address the issues you need help on! I did a search for" Quickbooks sucks" because that is how I feel about it and found your blog!

Reconciliation problems: When I researched aged, unreconciled items in my register, I found that I had duplicated these transactions. So I deleted them. It messed up my reconciliation. The following month, my beginning balance that I ended with the previous month had changed. Under the "help" it did not cover my specific issue. When I viewed the previous month's report, it showed the correct beginning balance (previous ending balance) however my reconciliation would not. I ended up force balancing because I could not figure out why the balance would not match the previous report! This happened twice on two different accounts.

Now I can't pay my sales tax. When I try to enter the check, it tells me "You must specify a vendor name for the sales tax account." In the past I have entered "Department of Revenue" in the Customer:Job field to get it to accept my transaction.

When I do that now it says, "This name already exists in the Vendor List. Either enter a different selection, or append a character to differentiate it from the existing name." Of course it is the same, it is the same vendor!

So... I change the name to Dept of Revenue. Now it says, "You cannot use the sales tax account with a customer, employee or 'other name'. Can it make up it's mind?????

I agree with everyone else... this product is an expensive waste of time yet what else is out there for small businesses?

Andrew Zack said...


Dept. of Revenue should be a vendor, as you pay them money, not a customer. I can't imagine why you would use it in the customer:job function. While QB has plenty of issues, this seems more like a training issue for you. Perhaps spend a bit more time with the user guide or online resources?


Missy said...

I don't know what the problem was as it is now working correctly. Of course I was on hold the entire time I was commenting and exiting and reopening QB to see if it changed anything. I just don't understand this program at all.

I have used an older version of QB while working for another company and never had these kinds of problems. Maybe it is my Mac version or 2009? I know that I am not able to delete a previously reconciled month in 2009 but I could do it before. I don't see how this update is more helpful to the user.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst accounting software ever. The reports suck as well. It's all really half assed in my opinion.
I've used Timberline before and loved it.

Quickbooks does suck.

mars said...

Any thoughts on a check printing problem?

I am MAC OSX 10.5.8, QB Pro 2009.

I can't get the payee's name to print on check (or vouchers below check). Instead the address prints- even though I check the boxes
Company>company settings>checks:
-Print account names on vouchers (which it does)
-Start with payee field on check
(which it doesn't.) Instead it prints:

Print As: 'address'

which shows the address, but no payee name on check or vouchers.

Thanks for any help. Intuit really makes it hard to find workarounds to their globs.

It took me 2 hours (an hour of which on the phone with Customer "Service" without them helping at all) to finally figure out on my own that a custom invoice wouldn't print because it "obviously" got corrupted when I upgraded. POO!

Shame on Intuit for releasing such a bad product. What I've seen working on PC in the past, the MAC versions I'm on now are even worse than the PCs.

Woe is US.

Andrew Zack said...

Mars: My guess is your entire QB install is screwed. I'd uninstall and do a complete harddrive clean-up of any temp files to ensure that you can do an absolute CLEAN install of QB. Huge pain-in-the-ass, I know, but I don't see any other ideas.


Chris said...

Hello all-

I use Quickbooks 2006, and it does everything I want it to... until tonight. Now it says I have to upgrade. I use no online services, no sales tax... nothing. But when I try to deposit a check to my bank account it wants to force the undeposited funds option upon me, when I want to put the check in my main account. Any way to avoid joining the ranks of 2009 owner/haters and stay with 2006?

Chris Bart
Arvada, CO

Andrew Zack said...

Dear Chris:

I can't say I know of a way to keep 2006 working. Every software company has "sundowning" provisions, after which they no longer support software. I'd guess that three years is about average. You could, of course, use this opportunity to find a new program, e.g., Peachtree, which would let you avoid the Intuit headaches, but you'd have a different set of headaches in making the switch.


Dominick said...

As a Quickbooks user since 2006 I AGREE with everything you said and here's a few I would like to add:

1, Why to I have to install Google Search to query the DB? Are you not capable of writing your own query engine. Or is their DB structure such a mess only a Google search algorithm is fast enough to plow through the disaster?

2, Why can't I add a PO# field to the customer invoices screen. Most customers use PO's Number so I have use a custom report to search for this information. 100 hours a year wasted on this alone.

3, Last week Intuit added an "Upgrade" button to my workspace, if you disable it, the next time you log in it comes back. Don't reconfigure my workspace to try to sell me crap.

4, Stop adding useless features and then forcing us to upgrade by disabling payroll support for previous versions. Make me want to upgrade.

5, The latest feature is an Intuit web site for your company? Who cares. I wouldn't rely on intuit to build my website.

6, Calling customer support is USELESS, the support staff follows a script, has no technical or network knowledge in solving problems. You're far better off searching Google for an answer.

7. When you are forced to upgrade the DB server and you click on the link, it does not download the upgrade, it take you to a page where you then have to find the upgrade.

I feel a lot better now, I have to tell all my employees about your blog so that they can come and vent too.

Steve Fotos said...

I have just had to return to doing my invoices BY HAND today. R9 has completely destroyed all PDF required functions for me, including the ability to e-mail invoices. In addition, after spending 2 hours on the phone with technical support i have been unable to re-install either R8 or R9 and now I have NOTHING. I am appalled that a major software release could be done so poorly! All THIS at the height of my retail business period. Ugh.
Steve Fotos
Lemoyne, PA

Steve Fotos said...

Are there any attorneys out there who would like to join me and others in a class action lawsuit for any lost business due to this upgrade? My loss is not large, but I imagine in the aggregate it may add up.

Anonymous said...

I have the Quickbooks 2009…had to call customer service to get the software registered…was on the call for 1 hour and 31 minutes…over an hour on hold because I refuse to give a credit card number for the so called service plan…I asked the non English speaking rep to transfer me to a supervisor…she refused…out right refused…thank god there are other programs out there that do what Quickbooks does…you are completely correct….Intuit SUCKS…

Stuckeydds said...

I agree with what Andrew is complaining about in regards to Quickbooks. I have been a user for 16 years and would switch immediately if there was a competitor. They keep increasing the fees and deliver bug riddened software. Each upgrade keeps getting worse.

Carolyn in Austin, TX said...

I upgraded to W7 this weekend and had to call in (!) to re-register. People. it's on the SAME computer. the call was routed to the Phillipines and they had me on the phone for ~ 30 minutes. all a pathetic waste of time.

Dear Intuit. Who thought it would be a great idea to shove a horrible registration/activation experience including a PHONE call ABROAD onto your existing customers' laps ?

silly. and dangerous. you've lost lots of credibility in my book.

Thanks for listening,

Carolyn in Austin, TX

Anonymous said...

This is an old post, but you may want to consider some other packages if you haven't already done so (I'm sure there are probably others worthy of mention):

Simply Accounting by Sage

PeachTree (also now a Sage product)


Also, unlike QuickBooks, each of these packages offers true double entry book-keeping.
Be sure to download trial editions and testing requirements unique to your business before making a purchase!

Anonymous said...

Hi All;

I'm stuggling with QB2008. Haven't put anything into it and I've had it since . . . 2008. Why? Because it's so unlike any accounting program I've ever used. I used to use Medlin accounting, a real good sharewear program that's free and only costs $45 to register (get's rid of the 1 nag screen at logon and also the "unregistered" logo on your printouts. And with or without registering it, you get free annual payroll data updates. But . . . my accountant wants me to use Quickbooks. I've got several books on it, and I sent my wife to take a class (total waste of money), but it's still baffling me. I'm used to a simple double entry program. The problem, actually, is that Quickbooks tries to be a "no brainer" that any bozo running a business can use. We know what happens when you try that. And besides that, it's a real resource hog and hangs up, can't find files, etc. Sorry, QB, but it's my opinion. Well, back to the books, this is the last year I have to get that data into it.

Terry said...

I am the systems administrator. We have 23 concurrent windows based users that connect via the network, to a linux box hosting the company files. We have used QB Enterprise since 5 and it has always been problematic over the network.
Users getting knocked out, so than I have to get everyone out and restart services before they can get in.
We now use version 9 and are always getting th error cannot connect to company file (Have 8 different company files)on host computer,
then I have to get everyone out and restart services.

Our goal is to be off this within a year. We have an in house programmer working to create our own manufacturing software.

Will Allen said...

Anyone ever tried importing customers, jobs, and payments?!? Can it even be done? I have loads of handwritten proposals and invoices that I would love to batch enter into Excel and then import them in. I'm an ex Data Conversions Analyst...I should be able to do this. Currently it takes me about 5 minutes to enter 1 customer, job, invoice, and pymt. Wow!

Dominick said...

I found a new way Quickbooks sucks today.

When is a Windows SBS 2008/Sever 2008 environment the database server cannot connect to clients. When you use the Intuit's Nettool to diagnose the connectivity it says "firewall not present" when Small Business Server has actually activated it through Group Policy. I spent all day trying to figure it out before I realized the the fire wall was actually on and the diagnostic tool was reporting it as off. After adding the port openings to the fire wall everything worked. Intuit thanks for making as diagnostic tool that does not report the diagnostics correctly. You guys really do suck! said...

A new low in customer service was achieved by Intuit: I had a problem with QB Pro 2009 and registered the problem online. I was given a case number and phone number to call. When I called, the recorded message said there was no such case number. I tried twice with the number right in front of me.
I'm a small business owner who has used QB for five years now - this software and the service behind it are not satisfactory.

Stella said...

Nice blog!

Here's the latest slam to the small business owner from Intuit. I use both quickbooks and online payroll and have for 5 years. I've even participated in surveys for them and I have always been a fan of online payroll until the other day.

I just got an email that Online Payroll is changing. They are doubling their price from 19.99 per month to 39.99 per month for one employee and get this, now they will charge you and additional $1.50 for EACH employee per month. Most owners of companines pay themselves a paycheck especially if they are an LLC or and S Corp (you have to pay yourself a reasonable salary according to the IRS) So there's my one employee. I actually will have to pay $1.50 a month to pay myself since both my husband & myself are officers of our company! Nice job Intuit. We have a high turnover rate (we are roofers and it is not an easy job) so does that mean I have to pay 1.50 per employee per month even if I no longer pay them?

So here are the big new services they offer for more than doubling the cost.

1. Increased state coverage for electronic tax payments and filings Support for local tax calculations
*** They already let me print my state forms and I use those forms to enter my payroll information into my state's online reporting and paying system. Also, what if my state doesn't partipate? This should be an optional service. I must say one nice thing, I do like the federal electronic filing and e-pay that onlnie payroll currently offers.

2. The ability for your employees to securely view and print paystubs online
*** Sorry I don't need that. It should be an OPTIONAL service offered at an additional cost for those who want it.

3. Support for 1099 contractors — including direct deposit at no extra charge
*** Another example of what should be offered as an additional optional service for those that want to pay. Here's why, Quickbooks already offers 1099 printing. So basically they are trying to charge you for something you can get in Quickbooks which if you use Online Payroll, you probably use Quickbooks. Also I don't want direct deposit, my bank does that for me. This should be an optional service.

4. Free live phone and email support with payroll experts, and chat is available 7 days a week
*** Are you kidding me? They already do that.

I've always thought the programming for Quickbooks was pretty sloppy. It's as if they rush to get the latest required upgrade out without actually using it like a business owner would. I haven't figured out why they upgrade every year. Quickbooks doesn't do your taxes it does accounting. GAAP doesn't change major accounting procedures for the small business owner frequently enough to require a costly yearly upgrade.

This is all really a bummer for me because I really did like Online Payroll and reccomended it to other small busines owners in my community. I almost feel betrayed and dissapointed that they would more than double the cost of something for no reason other that the fact that they can and most people won't do anything about it becuase they have all of our payroll information.

The only sunny side to this is that if Intuit contines to ignore the needs and concerns of its customers one day there will be other software companies that will produce better accounting programs. If Inutit continues their practices they will one day be the MySpace of accouting programs. Out of date, out of touch and unwanted.

Truenorth said...

Tell you what...Bunny sucks and any other Tool that likes QB. Actually, I LIKE QB and have for 10 plus years but to be FORCED to upgrade and then they discontinue features on the upgrade deadline for features you actually like is about as low as a company can go! No wait!...BP is lower. I remember once back when I had QB crash, stupid me did not backup like I should have, so when I called they said they could retrieve the info only if I upgraded. They said it would be the cheaper option for me. Then 2 forced upgrades later, I need to go to 2010? And none of the past upgrades were any better anyhow! They want over $500 in the middle of the Great Recession. They master the art of "over the barrel" extortion. I AM SPITTIN BULLETS AND WILL LOOK FOR ANOTHER OPTION! Incidentally, the arrogant salespupil told me Peachtree would more with its annual fee. I'm done, done, done!

Tim said...

Thank you for putting up this website! It makes me feel less alone with my frustrations with quickbooks, esp. after the thousands of $ I have given Intuit since 2004...

I'm running qbooks 2010 on windows 7 and after spending more than 10 hours trying to launch the HST set up tool, I have given up and am now setting up an excel spread to keep track of GST/HST. My logic is that it's better to waste a couple of hours a month on that than to waste the entire week trying to set up Qbooks. I've tried their "support" and ended up no further ahead because they don't speak english and I don't speak Hindi, and I refuse to pay for monthly support on a product that is INCOMPLETE...that is just their way of screwing the average business out of a few more bucks.

100%, mark my words, 100% for certain, this is the very last product I purchase from Intuit...I have spent, honestly now, more than a hundred hours in the last 3 years trying to keep my intuit products updated and it is ALWAYS a mind-boggling experience. I don't have the sum of knowledge of microsoft in my head, but intuit requires this if you are to use their product with a Windows based system.

Oh well, live and learn. Back now to the excel sheet. Thank you for the great blog, it has made a difference in my day to learn I'm not alone in this wilderness!

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is by far the worse version to date. What a #%^& nightmare for us all. I went to start a new company and was going to export the chart of accounts of my old company to MS Excel to clean up and then import into the new company. What a joke, every time i try this I get an error message telling me that excel has encountered errors and closes. Of course Excel works fine unless I try to open it from within Quickbooks Pro 2009 on a Windows Vista Home 64 bit op system. What a waste of time.

Miguel said...

I agree, I paid 1,890.00 for Quickbooks POS 9, and support sucks, the program installs and then rolls everything back. Tried all the crap support said and still no go. The computer exceeds the recommendations of the program using windows vista business.

A heck of a lot of my cash went to the trash can.

I still don't have a POS up and running and got to search for a new program.

Any one got leads on a good POS for a mechanic shop?

email me:


JazzDog said...

Hey Greg Wright,

Our small company has been using QB for the last 12 years and to date we have invested well more time and money than we should have constantly updating and correcting issue after issue. I would like to know what’s up with the constant abort issue, even after we close out QB on a computer and shut off the computer five minutes later, we will still get an abort issue on the other computers with an open QB program running. I believe Intuit really needs to make an investment in some competent programmers and get away from farming out to the lowest overseas bidder and above all get the sinking boat patched.

Alex S said...

As its internet it can happen with any server, that doesn't mean the hosting quickbooks is not good. Thanks for the update. Quickbook hosting service provider CA.

Al Belotserkovskiy, Birmingham, AL said...

After I was forced to upgrade to the Quickbooks Pro 2010 I realized that they have removed my ability of tracking the fixed assets depreciation. Now it is a paid for "optional feature" - asset manager. The tech support rep told me (after the 3rd transfer to the higher department)that the best she can do to send a feedback to Intuit on my behalf. Not only this is not fair but outright dishonest on the part of Intuit. I was forced to pay for the upgrade that rid me of features I was using. If their next "upgrades" are of the same value, I am afraid they will lose me as a customer.

Anonymous said...

In December 2010 I had a $2000 fraud issue that forced me to close my bank account and open a new one. My QB accountant changed my bank account information on my QB file but neglected to change the information on my Direct Deposit payroll account. I then processed DD payroll for my ONE employee believing it was on the new acct. Unfortunately, it was not. My QB accountant was advised of the error and I told her that I voided that check and issued a new handwritten check for the same pay period on the new bank account while we waited for the new DD account to be confirmed by Intuit. Intuit demanded I put money into the closed account to cover the check, but I tried to tell them the account was frozen while the bank looked into the fraud issue and no matter how much money I would put into the account the check would not clear (one, it was voided and two, the account was frozen). We then received the two small withdrawals for verification for the new Direct Deposit (DD) bank account. We verified them and I tried to again process payroll for the next pay period. I was told that the direct deposit had been terminated. I called and the customer support person put me on hold and then returned to the line to tell me that the Direct Deposit would not be reinstated for 12 months. Intuit was never out any money, I even had to pay $100.00 for fees from Intuit on the returned check. I have tried to escalate this and my Accountant has tried as well and we were told ….too bad.

I find that the customer service did not understanding my situation clearly and if I wasn’t to have a new direct deposit account why did they make the two additional small withdrawals. I have demanded my $1.29 back immediately. I wonder how much it is going to cost them to process my three letters to the president, the four calls I have made and now potentially a small claims legal case for my $1.29.

I got onto Intuit's website yesterday and started a chat with one of their "support" people asking about fees and policies and was told I was allowed 3 DD NSF checks before they would close my DD account, obviously they have gone against their own policy. I'm a small business owner with two employees. This issue has wasted so much of my time. I'm looking into other accounting software. Small businesses have it tough enough these days without having to deal with inept customer support folks. I'm writing the local news company ABC 7 on Your Side to have QB/Intuit publically humiliated. I don't even want the account reinstated now. I want to join the 1600+ “QuickBook Sucks” internet groups ranting about QB and Intuit. Let’s hope the power of the pen will get these folks to understand what customer service and quality products are actually about.

Marlene McCaslin
San Jose, CA

kalbershardt said...

Having used QB Pro for over a decade now, it feels like each module was written by a different development team using different tools and reporting to different management upstream. There is obvious cruft from early Windows system architecture and the program is practically screaming for a clean re-write. I don't know the genesis of the current Mac version, but have hopes it is some kind of architecture that they can actually build on.

In the early 90s, when QB was new, I used to sell a competing product (Manzanita BusinessWorks) that has (like so many other accounting packages) been subsumed into the Sage machine. Its strength was that it was written from scratch for the PC and was not a port of some old COBOL package from a minicomputer. It was a modular package that sold for about 1/4 of what competing full-fledged accounting systems cost at the time. QB cost $100-200 at the time but was lacking so many key features that it wasn't really useable by most businesses. Intuit has added more and more glitter features, but repeatedly fails to fix longstanding issues that really affect their users.

I'll start with my personal pet peeves:

The process for paying bills and applying credits is badly broken. When I enter a credit for a vendor, I should be apply it to a specific invoice or invoices at the time of entry. Bill payment check stubs do not show show credit amounts for invoices that have them and invoices which get paid in full by a credit or credits do not show on the stub at all.

Job costing has a glaring issue in that there is no configuration option to require a job code on entries. There is also no easy way (in Pro) to list all the transactions with no job code. A custom report can be created that makes this process tolerable, but why not simply force a job code with every expense?

The new online banking interface is tortured, as others have pointed out. A particular lack with "import multiple transactions" is the lack of a job code column - so there is no way to enter job codes at the time of transaction import without reverting to single transaction mode, then clicking on the 'more' button to expose splits and job code there. Unfortunately, that expanded view turns itself off every time a new transaction is selected from the list.

Support for electronic filing and payments in smaller states seems to be on the "someday, but not anytime soon" list at Intuit. Our state published their XML schema for this five years ago but Intuit always claims "they need to conform to the Federal standard." Simply taking the information that's already in the program for state forms it creates exporting to an XML file I can manually upload to the state would be enough here.

Kurt Albershardt
Southwest NM

Deborah said...

I run a small farm. Today I'm inside trying to catch up on my accounts in Quickbooks, while nursing or exacerbating a headache, take your pick. I was trying to find a better way online to do a routine QB task....I run a subscription service, and can't always follow my preferred protocol for setting up new customers in QB. Something on the farm distracts me, and later I find I need to enter many weeks of accrued charges for the same item into the accounts receivable register. To avoid having to manually enter each and every charge, I enter charges, memorize the transaction, set up the memorized transaction using the next date that corresponds to their incurred charges, then quit out of the program, then restart the program. It is the only way I know of to get the program to update the register and fill in the charges...a stupid method to be sure. I just haven't managed to waste hours of my time online or pay for an expert to tell me a better method, if one exists.
So when I read your blog, my headache went away a little because it made me smile from ear to ear Nothing reads quite as good as a casserole of verbal truth peppered with abundant wit and sarcasm. Don't even get me started on why I needed to purchase QB 2010 in the first place, when I was happily using the older version. Let's just say it involved a computer crash, the worst customer service ever, and being forced to buy a $200 product I didn't need over a registration issue.
Anyway thank you for making my day. As another serf-like small business owner with no accounting options, my only respite from the machinations of Intuit is the occasional feeling of solidarity with persons such as yourself. Not to mention the sense of gratitude that stems from me having no employees as well as a non-taxable product, so that I don't have to deal with tax tables, payroll, and other assorted horrors you mention. It may be the only instance I can think of in which a customer is eternally joyful NOT to have to use the features of a product. And Bunny Jones really needs to lighten up. Maybe if she had the joy of having to work with Quickbooks, enlightenment would shine through her clouds of huffiness.
Loved it.

Janet said...

On day 2 trying to find a QuickBooks replacement and ran across your Blog!! I agree with everything you said...and more!

Imagine my surprise when I could no longer import my banking transactions into quickbooks yesterday after downloading the file from the bank. Long story short, once again, Intuit is trying to force me to upgrade... WELL Intuit, NO, never again, I'm DONE!!!!!

The owner of the first QuickBooks product produced... thru 2009 Enterprise...and will be soo very glad to get this "Monkey Off My Back!!"

Chantilly, VA

Monkey Snake said...

hi bunny,
which intuit department do you work for?

Monkey Snake said...

hi greg,
how are you "working hard to listen to feedback and correct the mistakes."
there is no feedback section in any intuit site.
if there is, it is deeply buried.
in "contact" i found a snail mail address in Mountain View.
at least that keeps pace with your product.

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