Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now that's what I call a "blurb!"

As noted here previously, Thomas Dunne books will be publishing Jack Lynch's memoir of his time in Iraq, The Majestic Twelve, in hardcover. I now have a planned pub date of 9/29/09. Further, and more importantly, we have our first blurb for this great book!

“WOW! The Majestic Twelve is a front seat ride into combat at its most dangerous point. A must read.”

—Jack Coughlin, author of Shooter: The Autobiography of a Top-Ranked Marine Sniper

If you'd like to read Coughlin's book while you are waiting for The Majestic Twelve to come out, use the link below.


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Three and Out said...

Always enjoy your blog - hit home today being Jewish with a grandmother (deceased now) who escaped from Russia.

What is even more ironic is that a section of the ms I sent you deals with the Holocaust.

PS – I’m today’s “holy crap”, “looks like courier 10” guy’.

If it helps, I read your instructions carefully, download the Dark Courier and changed my whole manuscript from Times Roman. I then tried to change every end of sentence to two spaces instead of one . . . and used 12 point absolutely - positutley.

So don’t pull the guidelines . . . lack of computer skills might get in the way occasionally, but the advice does get read.

Best Wishes,

Michael Wexler
29 Putnam Road
Foxboro, MA 02035

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