Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The February Round-Up

Thanks to my current intern, Corrie, we already have the February Round-Up done!

In February 2009, we...

  • Received 34 queries and declined 32
  • Received 13 sample chapters and declined 8
  • Declined 1 manuscript

We also...

  • Requested 6 sample chapters

As of March 3, 2009, we have on hand to read the following:

  • 2 proposals
  • 6 manuscripts
  • 37 sample chapters

We are also waiting to receive:

  • 3 proposals
  • 6 sample chapters

We have read all sample chapters dated before October 19, 2008. If you submitted to us before that and sent an SASE but did not hear back, you should contact us.


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Irish B said...

I find these numbers so interesting. It creates the right picture in my mind, meaning - I know what I'm up against and I have a greater appreciation for why it takes so long to get a response.

Quite a wake-up call, but I'm not discouraged. I am up for the challenge of creating something of substance that will capture your attention.

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