Monday, April 06, 2009

Marketing Idiots

Gatorade has a new commercial that is as good as its commercials usually are, until you get to the slogan: "Less Calories. For More Athletes." Way to teach our kids proper grammar!

As any idiot knows, it should be "Fewer Calories."

There should be a law that all advertising must user proper grammar and spelling. Advertising is one of the most potent forces in our culture. When it reinforces bad grammar or incorrect spelling it does damage to our society and we hardly need any more.



Kristine, Seattle,WA said...

So you haven't seen the commercials that promise "less pimples" ? Every time I see that, I scream out loud "Fewer pimples! Less acne!"

Then I shout things I can't print here :)

Andrew Zack said...

I haven't see it, but got a chuckle last night when I was watching KINGS and the king said he would have someone "hung" and I started to yell out "hanged!" when the queen on the show beat me to it and corrected him. As she said, "Shirts are hung, people are hanged."

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