Thursday, May 07, 2009

The April Submissions Round-up

Greetings from Corrie, your favorite TZC intern! I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for our April round up, and here it is!

In April 2009, We….

* Received 31 queries and declined 25
* Received 5 sample chapters and declined 8
* Received 1 manuscript and declined 2

We also:

* Requested 8 sample chapter
* Requested 1 proposal
* Requested 2 manuscripts

As of May 7, 2009, we have on hand to read the following:

* 6 manuscripts
* 3 proposals
* 40 sample chapters

We are also waiting to receive the following:

* 12 sample chapters
* 2 proposals
* 2 manuscripts

We have read all sample chapters dated through January 15th 2009. If your cover letter on your sample chapter was dated before that and you sent an SASE and you have not heard back, please contact us.



Anonymous said...

Quick comment: "baited breath" is a common malapropism. The correct term is "bated breath"--shortened from "abated" (paused).

No offense intended. Thanks to working as a teacher and editor, I can't help BUT see these things. Feel free to delete this comment after correcting the post.

Andrew Zack said...

Thanks for the correction. I don't normally publish Anonymous comments (and as a teacher, shouldn't you be able to follow directions?), but you make a valid correction (though I could swear we got this before). Alas, Corrie has wrapped up her internship and her error will have to live on here forever, haunting her through the ages.


Pab Sungenis said...

Have you ever actually signed a manuscript? Looking at these wrap-up summaries, it's hard not to think that any partial that doesn't pay the $60 just sits for three months before being rejected. And manuscripts disappear after 10 days or 90 days, depending on what they paid.

Andrew Zack said...


That's a fairly ridiculous and slanderous statement. If you've looked at my website, you'll see that I have a wide range of clients and nearly every single one of those clients came to me via a submission. One or two even started out an Express Review client.

And manuscripts certainly do NOT disappear after ten days or ninety days. Heck, I wish most got read in ninety days, but they do not. I have more than one here waiting for me to read that I've already gotten at least two reader's reports on.

Many authors have received letters from myself or my interns outlining our concerns about their submissions and explaining why we were passing on their projects. In some cases, they've revised and resubmitted and even gotten representation.

A few weeks back, I signed Harve Bennett, the producer of four of the STAR TREK: TOS movies and will be representing his memoir. Last week, I offered representation to an author I knew twenty-six years ago at camp. He queried me and I requested his sample material and he waited ninety or more days for me to read it, which I did and then offered to represent the book.

I have NEVER rejected something without reading it or getting a read on it from one of my interns. All Express Review projects--which are very few and far between--are read personally by me and responded to personally by me.

Your comment is nothing but slander and you should be ashamed.


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