Friday, May 08, 2009

The SCRUBS Finale, Please

So I was watching the "season" and perhaps "series" finale of SCRUBS and I have to say, they may have done the best job of any series I have ever watched in coming up with a last episode. In fact, I seriously hope that it is the series finale and not just the season. I say "perhaps" above because there has apparently been no final decision on whether or not to renew it for next season. My hope is that they won't. Not because I don't completely enjoy the show, but because that last episode was the perfect note to go out on and trying to pick it up next season would be as dumb as AFTER M*A*S*H. Remember that cluster-frack? Oy, it's so sad they even tried.

But SCRUBS got it right. Nearly perfect, except that in the long list of guest stars that came back to say goodbye, they left out a few that would have been amusing to see. But, hey, people are busy.

So, good-bye SCRUBS. Now please do us the favor of enjoying your millions in syndication fees and go off and write and star in new and entertaining projects, instead of trying to come up with something that will top this season.


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