Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Job Hunting?

Recently I noticed this ad for an Associate Publisher at Touchstone Fireside.  I thought I would post it here because I think it's a wonderfully concise description of what exactly a "publisher" at a publishing house does and therefore highly worthwhile for authors to read.

The Publisher of Touchstone/Fireside, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, is seeking an Associate Publisher to handle all the logistics of publishing approximately 50 titles a year. From marketing and publicity to sales, this is an excellent opportunity for a candidate who is a “jack of all trades” and looking to be the second-in-command at a dynamic imprint. Strong interaction with all departments within S&S -- and with authors and agents -- is required.

Responsibilities include:

Primary point person/liaison for sales division, including: coordinating all sales meetings; pub grids and schedules; preparing agendas for focus and positioning meetings; identifying lead titles; responding to issues on call reports; attending sales calls with reps as needed; brainstorming backlist promotions; and identifying opportunities. Liaison for supply chain, including: attending all reprint and first print signing meetings; monitoring all inventory issues; and tracking turn-around times. Interaction with marketing, including: overseeing TIP sheets (researching competitive tiles & brainstorming selling points); approving marketing materials, sell sheets, and ads; coordinating all marketing plans and promotions on white sheets; and approving and trafficking catalog passes and layouts.

Contact with authors and agents, including: communicating with them and responding to all queries; monitoring their expectations; and communicating sales figures, publicity and marketing campaigns. Additionally, this position will work closely with the editorial department to secure advance quotes for books; determine necessary sales materials, final approval on TIP sheets.

Requirements: Seasoned (7 plus years), highly pro-active team player with a passion for book publishing; excellent writing, organizational and administrative skills; meticulous attention to detail; a mind and eye for numbers and budgets; and an ability to juggle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment; and polished communication skills. Ideal candidate will have either a sales or marketing background, or a combination of both. College degree required.


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