Monday, June 01, 2009

The May Monthly Round-Up

I've been pretty good about getting through the partials and proposals, so here is the May monthly round-up:

  • 35 queries received; 23 declined
  • 7 sample chapters received; 22 declined
  • 2 proposals received; 1 declined
  • 1 manuscript received; 1 declined

We are currently waiting on:

  • 3 sample chapters
  • 1 proposal
  • 4 manuscripts

We currently have on hand and need to read:

  • 19 sample chapters
  • 3 proposals
  • 6 full manuscripts, plus 3 full manuscripts from current clients

Several of the full manuscripts have had favorable first and even second reads, but I haven't read them personally yet.

In May, I offered representation to two new clients.


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