Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Process of Elimination

Perhaps it's some spring-cleaning impulse or just the fact that we bought a new car this weekend and will now once again have car payments, but I have been ripping through sample chapters and proposals eagerly trying to find something promising.  Alas, I'm not really finding it.  Today I declined eight sample chapters and proposals, which leaves me with four to read. Yes, four.  I don't think I've ever gotten it down this low.  And one of these I can't even read, because the author emailed me from Sri Lanka to ask if he can send in a revised version and I said yes.

So, by process of elimination, if your last name isn't one of the following and you have a sample chapter or proposal on submission with us, I'm sorry to say we've passed on it (if you haven't heard from us yet, it's on its way):

  • James
  • Young
  • Salpeter
  • De Livera

Here are the folks we are waiting on:

  • Brown (Grady):  full ms
  • Barrett:  proposal
  • Dracoules:  full ms
  • Grant:  sample chapter
  • Katz:  sample chapter
  • Mulrooney:  full ms
  • Stojak:  sample chapter
  • Watt: sample chapter
  • Wexler:  full ms

Please note that if we don't hear from you within a month, we'll probably follow-up, but after that we presume you are no longer interested and will discard what we already have from you (query or sample chapter).

Here the folks whose manuscripts we still have to read:

  • MacKinnon (one negative reader's report; one positive)
  • Hanford (one positive reader's report)
  • Fett (one positive reader's report)
  • Schrader-Seccafico (resubmit of revised; unread)
  • Perrota (two positive reports; one negative)
  • Connor (being read)

If you are the author of one of these manuscripts and you have already found representation or a publisher, please let me know immediately so that we don't waste valuable time giving it further consideration.  Otherwise, I appreciate your patience and I am working as quickly as I can to get through things.


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