Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The July Monthly Round-Up

Hi, I'm Crystal, Andy's summer intern, and here is the July monthly round-up:

• 56 queries received; 32 declined
• 11 sample chapters received; 2 declined
• 0 proposals received; 0 declined
• 1 manuscripts received; 3 declined

We are currently waiting on:

• 3 sample chapters
• 0 proposals
• 0 manuscripts

We currently have on hand and need to read:

• 17 sample chapters
• 3 proposals
• 7 full manuscripts, plus 2 full manuscripts from current clients

The sample chapters and proposals still under consideration, in the order in which we expect to read them, are:

1. Barrett
2. Markowitz
3. Rogers
4. Katz
5. Corsini
6. Watt
7. Duncan
8. Kaufman
9. Gordon
10. Donahue
11. Elliott
12. Johnson
13. Dunne
14. Haynes
15. Watts
16. Smith
17. Marso
18. Cannon
19. Johnston
20. Lawrence

The manuscripts still under consideration, in the order in which we expect to read them, are:

1. MacKinnon
2. Conner
3. Perrota
4. Hanford
5. Wexler
6. Mulrooney
7. Dracoules

(Please note that manuscripts by current clients are read before manuscripts by prospective clients.)

If your name is on one of these lists and you have accepted representation or found a publisher, please let us know immediately so that we can remove your material from our reading list.

In July, Andy did not offer representation to any new clients.


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