Monday, August 24, 2009

UK Agents for US Authors?

I have just begun the process of finding an agent and was considering sending a few queries off across the ocean to the UK. As I have found your blog highly informative, I am seeking your advice on whether I should go forward with this transatlantic solicitation. Are there any disadvantages, monetary or otherwise, of having an agent in a different country?


John Wienstroer

St. Louis, MO

All agents, whether US or UK, take a higher percentage of "foreign" deals, so a US agent trying to sell you in the UK will take a bigger piece and a UK agent trying to sell you in the US will take a bigger piece.

I don't know of many US authors represented primarily by a UK agent. The US market is simply so much bigger and getting published in the UK if you are from the US is far more difficult unless you are quite the big deal in the US. Hence, I think your odds of finding as UK agent as an American author are far more difficult than finding a US agent.

From a cash perspective, some UK publisher do offer in US Dollars to US agents, to benefit from the exchange rate. If you had a London agent, chances are they'd offer in pounds sterling which would benefit you from an exchange perspective.

In the end, I see no real harm in looking for a UK agent, but I think it a long shot.


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