Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waiting...and Waiting...and Waiting

Mr. Zack,

My full manuscript is out to two agents, they've both had them since early July 2009.

Can I query them with another book? Or should I wait to hear back on the first one?

What if I never hear back (meaning they've passed on my novel)? What's a reasonable amount of time to wait before querying them with a new project? Six months? A Year?


Jennifer Rinehart

Dear Jennifer:

Early July 2009 is pretty recent, so I wouldn't be feeling impatient just yet.

I would not query an agent considering your work about a second work until you've heard back on the first book. If you haven't heard back within ninety days, a friendly follow-up is fine. Then follow-up every ninety days until you hear something, unless, like me, your agent does something pro-active on a blog or otherwise to keep you informed as the status of the submissions under consideration.

Once an agent has passed on something of yours, I'd give it a couple of months before querying again. Let him or her clear his or her palette a bit.



Spirit On The Wind said...

Dear Mr. Zack,
I would wait and wait for a query-response from you.
I have read, re-read and even "dwelt upon" your sites. These are FILLED with Glo-ri-ous and Mar-ve-lous (sing it!), long sought, detailed Information for Authors seeking responding Agents.
Thank you.
Thanks. a Writer...I feel true gratitude that someone (you) wrote such good material for someone (me) who wants to eventually 'get' an Agent to represent my work.
If "good" writers are hard to find, so are "good" agents!
Pat Hay, Germantown, TN.

Samitestar said...

Thanks again Mr. Zack. Your assistance is invaluable.


Jennifer Rinehart
The other Vancouver
United States of America

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