Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The November Round-Up

Holy Turkey Pucks! Is it really December? I can hardly believe it. Where did November go?

Well, somewhere in the month, I embarked on refinancing the mortgage (gotta grab a lower rate when you can) and applied to mentor another century bike ride with Team in Training. Hopefully they'll accept me and I can start working on losing all of the "daddy weight" I've put on since my son was born.

I did do some reading also, but clearly not enough. Since the eQuery™ form went live, I've seen a bit of an explosion in queries received. Not surprisingly, many are a pass. Also not surprisingly, my response time has increased, as it is far easier to let email queries pile up than paper ones, since the paper ones literally pile up on the desk and give me dirty looks until I read them.

Here are the stats:
  • 85 queries received; 38 declined
  • 11 sample chapters received; 2 declined*
I am currently waiting to receive 2 requested sample chapters and 1 proposal.

I currently have 33 sample chapters on-hand to read, as well as 2 proposals and 5 full manuscripts.

In addition to the above, I thought I should mention that today, 12/1, I got in another 10 queries and declined 30.


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