Friday, February 05, 2010

The January Monthly Round-up

With flowers and heart-shaped balloons crammed into every possible window display and shelves overflowing with pink teddy bears and larger-than-life sized boxes of chocolate, we know that February is among us. Of course, what that means for us, here at TZC, is another monthly round-up of last month’s stats. January was a busy month. Here are the numbers:

• Received: 81
• Declined: 50

Sample Chapters
• Requested: 15
• Received: 9
• Declined: 0

• Requested: 2
• Received: 2
• Declined: 0

We are currently waiting on 3 sample chapter, 3 proposals, and 1 manuscript. No need to fear, though. While we wait, we also have 52 sample chapter, 5 proposals, and 3 manuscripts. You know, just the usual light reading.

The oldest sample chapter has a cover letter dated July 28, 2009, so clearly we are a bit behind. Thus, we are setting ourselves a goal of getting through at least five sample chapters per week.

Considering this is a short month, I’m sure the next round-up will creep up on us before we know it, so check back here in a month and see if we managed to knock out at least twenty sample chapters. Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day for all the lovebirds out there, and for the rest of you…Happy Chinese New Year!


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