Thursday, May 06, 2010

The March & April Monthly Round-Ups

Well, it's been an interesting couple of months here and I realize that I have not provided a Monthly Round-up in a couple of months.  There's no good reason for it, other than that the entire family was sick one week and then the wife alone was sick another week, and, oh, we are expecting our second child and that's meant a number of appointments out of the office, etc.  So, it's all been about Priorities, and the round-ups simply haven't made the cut.  So let me try to remedy that today.

In March, we got:
  • 69 queries and declined 9
  • 8 sample chapters and declined 9
In April, we got:
  • 54 queries and declined 9
  • 7 sample chapters and declined 17

We currently have on-hand and need to read:
  • 112 eQueries (I hate to admit it, but paper queries do get read faster)
  • 42 sample chapters
  • 6 proposals
  • 3 full manuscripts (including one by a current client)

I'm pleased to report that a new intern has started part-time and she will be actually working in the office for the summer starting in early June.  In the meantime, she is reading and reporting on manuscripts.

While you are waiting on us to respond to your material, why not read a good book?


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Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Thanks for the update. I know I have an e-query in there somewhere and it is always good to know any info at all of what is going on behind the scenes. Congrats on the new additions to the family and the office. Best wishes for both!

Sean Patrick Reardon
Pepperell, Mass

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