Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I Ride

Yesterday I had to drop off Boom-Boom, a/k/a my Cannondale bike.  The name, of course, comes from the brand name, but also because it brings to mind my old English teacher, "Boom-Boom" Cannon, the man who taught me how to speak in "clear, stentorian tones" in tenth grade, and made me read CAT'S CRADLE, among other things.  None of this has anything to do with the ride.  He was just a fun teacher.

So I set out back in January to raise at least $1,575.  That was the minimum.  I decided to try and double that and set my goals at $3,000, but I did so well early on, that I raised it to $4,000, but then I crushed that last week and suddenly found myself at 116% of my goal.  Thus, I just decided, What the heck, let's go for $5,000.  I'm not really being greedy.  In fact, I'm being a little fearful.

When I started TNT in 2004 (but dropped to have back surgery), I knew no one personally affected by leukemia & lymphoma.  Since then I have met many survivors, had one friend in publishing die from leukemia, and had friends and family diagnosed.  And I've learned that leukemia is still a big threat to children.  And, well, you see, now I'm a dad.  If I could eliminate war and disease and everything else in the world that could threaten my child, I would, of course.  But I can't.  But I can try and raise even more money to help defeat leukemia & lymphoma and, perhaps, help eliminate one threat.  Progress is being made and you should absolutely go on over to and read about all it does with the funds donated.  And then, please do donate.  Do it for the kids in your life or do it for people like my great aunt or my sister-in-law's great friend or my teammate's dad, all of whom are currently battling to get healthy again.

At the first TNT meeting I ever went to, they asked you to stand up if you've were currently battling cancer.  Then they asked those recovering to stand up.  Then they asked anyone who knew anyone who was currently battling or recovering to stand up.  They they asked if anyone knew anyone who knew anyone...  It doesn't take long for everyone in the room to be standing and realize that these cancers touch us all.

For everyone in my life battling leukemia or lymphoma or other forms of cancer.  For everyone in my life recovering.  For everyone in my life who has family or friends battling or recovering.  For my little boy and his little brother that is on they way and so that they never need to know the reality of these diseases.  This is why I ride.

Thank you.


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